Looking for some quick work out video’s to push your limits and see results but in a time crunch? Check these out!

Tank Top Arms Video:
I’s to T’s
Shoulder Shapers
Tricep Kick Backs
Do each exercise for 10-15 reps and repeat 3 times

Single Leg Burn Out Video:
Do 15 reps of each, repeat the cycle 2 times.
Right side first:
Single leg dead lifts
Weighted Lunges
Piston Squats
Squat to lunge
Repeat on the left hand side
Repeat cycle

Leg’s and Bum:
30 Seconds on, 10 Seconds off, 4 rounds. A quick 5 min leg and booty burn! For one sides stay on that side for the full 30 seconds, switch sides next round.
Goblet Squat
Single arm lunge with weight
Single leg dead-lift with weight
Steering wheel wall sits
Squat Pulses

The B Workout

Do 20 of each cycle with a 1/4 mile run between each cycle for 5 cycles. 1. Burpees. 2. Boy Bands. 3. Box Jumps. 4. Ball Slams. 5. Band Curls.

The do it anywhere workout

Do Anywhere Work Out:
25 Jumping Jacks ( straight arms and legs, clap those hands together at the top!)
25 Push Ups ( modify on knees or challenge yourself and use a desk/ chair elevate your shoulders higher then your feet).
25 Jump Lunges ( Total, make that knee touch the ground! Stand tall!  Belly button pointing straight ahead)
25 Dips ( move the legs further out to make it harder, remember to drop down straight and aim for getting that bum close to the ground!
25 Sit Ups ( come all the way up- touch those toes!)
25 Burpees ( challenge yourself with a hand release at the bottom, stand up straight at the top of each one).
25 Squats ( get low! Drop that bum below those knees, chin up, belly button facing straight out, not down!)
Repeat 4 times. 

Five Min Abs

Do each ab exercise for 60 seconds. One cycle takes five mins. Do 3 times for a great 15 min ab work out. Ab exercises provide by John Wayman demonstrated by Cara Bednar
1. Flutter Kicks (60 seconds)
2. Side Plank ( 30 Seconds Each Side)
3. Cross Crunch on Bosu Ball ( 30 Seconds Each Side)
4. V Crunch (60 seconds)
5. Hollow Rock (60 seconds)
Complete one or 3 cycles for a great Ab work out.

Snap Full Body Video

How many cycles can you do in a half hour?

Do a total of 50 ( 25 each leg for independent leg drills) for a total body work out.

50 Bench Dips
50 Lunge Jumps
50 Boy Bands ( go for width and height)
50 Burpees
50 Wall Run Ups
Repeat cycle. How many cycles can you complete?

Work out created by John Wayman Owner Beantown Bootcamp demonstrated by Cara Bednar.

Filthy 50 Video

1.  50 kettle bell swings.

2. 50 burpees.

3. 50 (25 each leg) weighted lung backs

4. 50 box jumps

5. 50 star jumps

6. 1/4 mile bearcrawl.

How many cycles of this can you do in 30 minutes or an hour?

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