Sunday Fundays

Today was my perfect Sunday!

I got to cheer on some friends for a change. I love getting to support fellow runners but today it was Cyclists. It did get me thinking about training for an Ironman, not committed but thinking. The biking absolutely terrifies me. Any suggestions on how to get over this fear?!?


Followed by a trip to The Muffin Shop which in case you are looking for the absolutely best flavored ice coffee they have it! They mix all the different flavors of coffee to create a mixed ice coffee and it seriously is amazing. Drive here now for it, you will not be disappointed.

I am tapering for the London Marathon next week which means decreased millage and increased anxiety. Tapering is really hard for me, along with most runners! You are not running as many miles, so every doubt and insecurity starts to creep in. It’s good to try and stay busy during this time so I decided I would walk to and from church today to do some activity but also let my legs rest. It was a great way to enjoy the sunshine we are having but also to get a little exercise in without over doing it. The view was beautiful! I just love the spring sunshine over the harbhor. My outfit was having a little conflict of interest however, NYC jacket and Boston headband, I love both cities so why not rock them both right?!?



After my active/ non active morning. I headed over to a fellow Junior Aid Volunteers house to make Easter baskets for the Food Pantry. I have been volunteering with them for the past few years and love the hands on projects like this. You really get to see what your time can do for someone else and you get to reflect on all you have and become more grateful. I often forget how many wonderful things and opportunities I have right in front of me, and volunteering helps remind me of truly how lucky and blessed I am. Also if you live in the Boston area and are looking for a great 5K Road Race that supports a wonderful charity this spring consider running The Beach to Beach 5K

Here are a few samplings of the baskets that will be received Easter Morning. I hope the kids enjoy them I know I loved making them and knowing they were going to go to someone truly amazing.


Also another exciting thing is spring is really coming( I think ha) but I noticed these little guys popping up and know it means Spring needs to be near and here to stay!