Strawberry Picking and Maine Day 1

Hello Friday!
I am up in Maine visiting a friend and we are running a 1/2 marathon on Saturday, so today was a little upper body at the gym, a light walk, and then off here to Strawberry Pick. I ended up with 4 large containers of the FRESHEST besets strawberries for less then $11…AMAZING! I have never done it before so it was fun, and nice to be outdoors…sorry to make your mouths water!

If you have never been strawberry picking, GO, it was lovely! I can’t wait to go Blueberry picking next…suggestions on where near Boston to go for that?!?! Another perk of my Maine travels was stopping at these outlets! I went into Jcrew, and Lululemon and got some good buys! Including these shorts. One short leg says “Right Blinkah” the other say’s “Left Blinkah” I LOVE them and they were only $29! So for this am’s little jaunt, I took these shorts for a whirl! LOVED them.

Fun right? The weather has been amazing here, it’s sunny, but not too warm, and no bugs yet have eaten me! So in for the win for tomorrow’s half marathon in Portland. My friend lives right by a beautiful lake in a small town, and the views are just so “maine” and perfect! Were also heading into Portland tonight to grab our bibs for the race, so going to see some light houses, which will be even more “maine” in my mind 🙂 I seriously am loving this place! We checked out a little Farmer’s market today at Pineland Farms and hung with her stunning pup, saw beautiful flowers and lake views. It was a good day!

How is your weekend kicking off?

Favorite spots to travel?

Maine on your “go to summer list”?

Any restaurant recommendations for Portland?