Friday Fun

Happy Happy Friday!
It’s almost the weekend!
This weekend I am taking this Spartan Certification so needed to get my long run in. Luckily I have the best running buddy in the world and she agreed to run some of mil miles with me- shes the best! I had taought 3 classes yesterday so my legs were gone! And we added in a new squat on your toes hamstring killer move so I knew without her this run was not happening, it was also going to be COLD and dark. I stayed at my parents last night and my sister had whipped these guys up…so yummy homemade Lara Bars, Key Lime Flavored!
I had one of these, a glass of water and was out the door by 5:20 to get a few miles in, meet M and run with her, and then finish on my own. Another perk of a running buddy they stop and enjoy the sunrise with you!
friday 2
A sunrise like this makes 5 am seem do able right?!?! The run is always nice and on the water and with views like this 18 miles flies by, okay thats a lie it doesn’t fly by ha but it is pretty and the company is even better!
friday 5
Still smiling 18 miles in….
friday 4
I finished before the massive am school and commuting traffic picked up which was nice. It’s nice to not have to doge cars on tired legs! I also came home to this note…thanks Mom!
friday 3
My mom is a huge note giver, do you leave notes? I do becuase of her, just little “hello’s” “I Love You” “Have a great day” I love getting notes, so like to spread the love because of my mom and leave them. In case you are wonder CaCa is what A called me before she could say Cara my mom is not calling me a peice of S$it ha. I made a quick smoothie to get some food in me fast! And heated up a cup of SKRATCH hot Apple Cinnamon Hydration.
friday 8
Then it was a quick change and off to two morning meetings in Salem today! And to make you feel good about your Friday here is an awkward selfie of myself ha your welcome, smile your not awkwardly standing in a mirror.
friday 6
Happy Friday!
Have the best weekend!
Any fun Plans?

a Smoothie, a Treat, and a Free Class for you….

Holy Holy Snow…
You can go home now Elsa, were all done with you.
feb 11a
We had another snow day in Boston yesterday so I headed up to my parents to “attempt” to help and shovel them out. I got a nice walk with my mom in, swimming with A J and T man, and was back in the city to teach my night Tread Tabata Class. It seriously is a little winter wonderland where they are at.

Also with all this shoveling, parts of my body I didn’t even know I had have been sore, like painfully sore! So I am really focusing on what I am eating and refueling right. On tap today was a quick and easy CorePower Smoothie:
feb 11f
1. Vanillia Core Power
1/2 Bannana
6 Frozen Strawberries
1 Scoop of Peanut Butter
Blend and Enjoy!
Quick, Easy, Yummy and healthy! in other healthy news I just saw Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday what the heck, Easter is less then 40 days away almost, thank goodness! I give up CANDY and something else every year and it is HARD for me. If your catholic do you give up anything? Do something extra? Smile more? Volunteer?
feb 11o
these little things are amazing! So so so Yummy and Gluten Free. Speaking of GF you know who has the BEST products…the Christmas Tree Shop. Weird I know but check it out! I swear by it. In other fun things you might care less about in my life, ha, I am teaching a free in store class tonight at Athleta on Newbury St in Boston at 7:00pm if your around come join me for some shopping, and sweating!
Do you ever go to in store demo’s?
Are you over shoveling?
Are you a Smoothie drinker?
Do you have Presidents day off?