Friday Woot Woot We Made It!

Happy Friday!
This week didn’t feel as crazy Long as last week, but it was 110% a busy week for me, and that makes it a fun week but a tiring one too. But first off a pretty Friday am photo for you!
march 6 e
Friday mornings I teach at a corporate clients gym, and this weekend we are going skiing, so it was time to get some miles in bright and early today on the treadmill. I figured if I could get about 13 miles in, shower, and then teach I could GET IT ALL DONE! You might wonder how I run that long on a treadmill, I watch these guys. Your welcome for this photo…
march 6 d
I love the show, it did take me a few episodes to get into it but know I love Jax and really can’t stop watching. So I bring my ipad onto the treadmill with me and zone out to these guys! The only prombelm with most treadmills ( yes it’s a 1st world problem aka not a real problem) is the treadmills shut off after an hour, so on long runs I need to restart it, its more mentally tough then anything else.
march 6 c
Yes I look legit almost the same pre run and post run, and in case you wanted to see my set up, these you go! I take some gels, chomps, snack onto the treadmill with me, and go go go! Can you watch TV while you run?
march 6 b
My pre long run fuel last night. Round one I took the bowl of Ice Cream and added a cookie to it, with extra chocolate chips. Round 2. I broke a cookie in half and filled it with Ice Cream to make a cookies sandwich, your welcome. I felt it so necessary to eat these, I left J a note to eat with Ice Cream in case there was any confusion! My sister sent me these oranges yesterday and check out there name- yup I was named after an orange ( thanks mom and here I thought it was Italian :)).
march 6 l
Another thing I am loving this week is this guy on Pandora. What is your favorite Pandora station? I go through fazes of what stations I like, but this one has been pretty rock solid all week and making me smile!
march 6 k
I feel like I might be dead tonight, but have some fun weekend plans so need to just power through it- lots of WATER and COFFEE today!

What are your weekend plans? I’m going skiing!
Have you tried Dine Out Boston? I’m heading out tonight!
Do you watch TV while you run? I love to watch crime shows, and comedies anything else doesn’t distract me!

Saturday Sunshine

It’s the weekend!
How is your weekend going? It’s sunny in boston which is amazing! We celebrated the beautiful miss A HERE last night and had such a blast!

It was a blast and Friday nights are 90s night, think Brittany, Back Street Boys, Sublime fun times! It was a blast but we stayed out way past my bedtime, even without drinking it was way beyond my bedtime. Not drinking out at night really isn’t that bad, I had a blast, and got to wake up Hanover free for my lovely long run today.

How was your Saturday night? Do you always drink where your out? Have you ever done sober night out? The only part that is sort of hard is you can only drink so many soda waters before your over it. But you do wake up hangover free! Any tips for not drinking when your out at night? I didn’t set an alarm this am because even a night free drinking I was still out beyond midnight which takes a toll on my body, so I slept in and headed out for my run around 9:30.

The water was frozen and the bridges were icy but the roads for the most part were clear and the sun was out. I opted for a route to South Boston instead of along the Charles River. The Charles can be crowded during marathon season so I wanted to switch it up. This route you get to run all along the water and get a different perspective of Boston.

It was a beautiful run, it was sunny out, and my legs didn’t die! I haven’t been running much for the marathon, one ten miler in Florida, ten miles on the treadmill last weekend so I knew I needed some miles today…and the miles were done and done!

I knew this run was happening yesterday so I rewarded myself with manicure and pedicure yesterday and a hair blow out at Dry Bar last night. It was nice to pamper myself before a run and then just enjoy this afternoon!

As you can see I have LONG hair! A blow out is such fun, its only $40 at Dry Bar they give you cocktails, tea, whatever you want and pamper you! It is such a fun spot for girls night out, a birthday, or just a fun little pamper time for you! Have you gotten you hair done lately? If not you should try a blow out!
how is your weekend?
What fun things are you doing for yourself?
Are you training for any races?
Favorite 90s song?