Ash Wednesday & Workouts!

Hello Wednesday…Ash Wednesday if you are Catholic.
The brief explanation of Lent can be understood as:Β Each year, Catholics set aside 40 days to “rend our hearts” and “return to God.” All of us are given this opportunity to deliberately examine what we are doing well and what we are doing not so well, and we are invited to come back to God. If you are looking for daily reflections my college has a wonderful resource on their website here.
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This year for Lent I will be not so much “giving up” but reflecting more on the following:
1. Reflecting daily on how grateful I am with guidance from here.
2. I will be “attempting” to not complain for 40 day’s. This will be hard, think how we complain daily about the traffic? But we are lucky to have a car right? I will be switching my “complaints” for “gratitude”.
3. I will be giving up candy, no this doesn’t bring me closer to god, but it does make me reflect on how much I consume mindlessly of something I don’t need.

Today I also got a fantastic leg burner for you! You can do it with or without a weight, and the KEY is to STAY IN THAT SQUAT the WHOLE TIME.
1. Squat and steep out side to side on your heel
2. Squat and lunge back, staying in the squat the whole time.
3. Squat and steep forward, like your in a chair, on the heel and alternate those legs.

Bonus and not a squat, I am loving this combo:
1 Plank Climber and 1 push up – your arms will hate you in the best possible way.

In the spirit of Valentines Day this week I rocked a red beet smoothie today and pink nails. No way will the nails last until Sunday, if I get through today thats a win. But I love holiday’s for any reason, and always try to embrace them. Having little people in my life helps with this. I 110% think you should tell the people you love you love them and not just on a hallmark holiday, thats my only two cents on Valentines Day ha.

Are you a lover or hater of “Hallmark Holiday’s” ? Another thing I am 110% loving is this song. It’s just my happy song of late. Any new favorite song’s I need to get on my playlists? I love new suggestions!

And since this post should actually be things I love of lately ha, I have to give another shoot out to my Topo Athletic Sneakers. These babies, oh my! I seriously love them! You guys can save on these guys 20% with code TOPOBEDNAR20. Seriously these shoes are created for running some milage in and they felt amazing on the treadmill today. One thing I would recommend is if you are looking for a gym shoe, or something to take a class in, or anything with side planks/ jump ropes, this shoe is made for running, so the button does release when pressure from the side plank or rope hits it and does release. So these shoes are my 110% new go to running sneakers, might just switch them out on planking days πŸ™‚
Another favorite workout move from today’s workout? Of course you know you want it πŸ™‚ Grab your lighter free weights.
Beginner Option: Full Sit Up, at top punch right with free weight, then punch left. Repeat.
Advanced Option: Sitting in a V Crunch Potion (Feet off the ground) Alternate Punching Right and Left.

Happy Wednesday! Do you celebrate lent?

New Music or Moves I need to know?

Favorite Running Shoes!