Thirsty Thursday

Hello Thursday…You Arrived! You took your time getting here but you arrived!
Last night I meet up with some friends here in South Boston and it was amazing…seriously go now, so good! It’s right by the red line T stop, owned by these guys and get packed- so go early! We arrived at like 6:15 and got a high top and by the time we left at like 8:30 it was packed on a Wednesday night.

I went with the friend zucchini tacos, one friend got the pulled pork and one did the chicken we got some homemade guacamole and homemade chips to start. Since I am alcohol free for lent, I didn’t try any of their margaritas but they looked amazing…you can check their drink list here and the food options here. The vibe of the place was amazing, food was so good, prices were great, and the company was the best. I highly recommend going here. It does get busy so go early, and would be a great 2nd or 3rd date spot since it’s busy, but not overcrowded. I would say it’s a little too busy for a first date.
feb 26 c
It was nice we had to go early since my Thursday’s start at 4:45 am. I teach a 5:30 and a 6:30am Tread Tabata class so I am up and at em early! So an early ish bedtime- aka before 10 was perfect for me. I honestly think when you love what you do ( teaching for me) it makes those early wake ups/ long hours worth it. When people tell me “that was the hardest class” “I never thought I would survive” “I tell everyone I love your classes” it seriously makes me smile like a kid in a candy store, I love how my clients work their butts off, and are always ready for more!
feb 26
When I am always on the go,go,go I need lots of coffee ( maybe I drink too much?!?!) but I try and always have some healthy options on hand. Especially with eating out a lot I try and keep fun and healthy snacks on hand so i don’t slip up too much. I saw this as I am eating a bag of popcorn, ha so see don’t worry no one is perfect! But by having the healthy things on hand I feel it helps a little to keep me on track. What healthy snacks do you love to have on hand?
Tonight were going out to celebrate miss A’s birthday! She’s seriously the best and deserves the best next week on her special day. We are debating between here and here for dinner. Have you tried either restaurant?

How is your week going?

a Smoothie, a Treat, and a Free Class for you….

Holy Holy Snow…
You can go home now Elsa, were all done with you.
feb 11a
We had another snow day in Boston yesterday so I headed up to my parents to “attempt” to help and shovel them out. I got a nice walk with my mom in, swimming with A J and T man, and was back in the city to teach my night Tread Tabata Class. It seriously is a little winter wonderland where they are at.

Also with all this shoveling, parts of my body I didn’t even know I had have been sore, like painfully sore! So I am really focusing on what I am eating and refueling right. On tap today was a quick and easy CorePower Smoothie:
feb 11f
1. Vanillia Core Power
1/2 Bannana
6 Frozen Strawberries
1 Scoop of Peanut Butter
Blend and Enjoy!
Quick, Easy, Yummy and healthy! in other healthy news I just saw Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday what the heck, Easter is less then 40 days away almost, thank goodness! I give up CANDY and something else every year and it is HARD for me. If your catholic do you give up anything? Do something extra? Smile more? Volunteer?
feb 11o
these little things are amazing! So so so Yummy and Gluten Free. Speaking of GF you know who has the BEST products…the Christmas Tree Shop. Weird I know but check it out! I swear by it. In other fun things you might care less about in my life, ha, I am teaching a free in store class tonight at Athleta on Newbury St in Boston at 7:00pm if your around come join me for some shopping, and sweating!
Do you ever go to in store demo’s?
Are you over shoveling?
Are you a Smoothie drinker?
Do you have Presidents day off?