Thank You All

29 I Made It!

Thank you all for being a part of my life and my 28 years! I am really excitied to see what 29 brings! I know it will have ups and downs, goals achieved, and maybe some missed, but it will be great. I already have so many things to look forward, but want to look back on 28 and thank all of you who were a part of it!

Reflections on 28-
The Boston Marathon and the Bombings, greatful my family and friends were safe.
JP Morgan for inviting me to start the Corporate Challenge and heal from the attacks.
Donations for the One fund that friends poured in for my San Fransisco Marathon
Summer on the water
The Corinthian
My sisters wedding ( my cheecks still hurt from smiling)
My two best friends weddings and their fantastic husbands, so blessed to be part of their day!
My college roommate visiting!
Meeting Bill Roger’s and beating him in a half marathon!
Vermont 100 on 100 with team “Cut Throat”
The Berlin Marathon, and Germany!
The Marine Corps Marathon!
Apple Picking with the Kids
Collage 1

The wine festival
Wooden Racket Tennis Party
Annie’s First Dance Recital
Boat trips!
Meeting Big Papi
El’s 90th Birthday Party
Dad kicking his new hip into gear!
Working with Beantown full time!
New sponsorship with Skratch Hydration and Nuun
Working with Core Power more in deepth!

Collage 2

Skiing almost every weekend
Marathon training with Mandy!
Winning Best of Boston award for Beantown!
Running the London Marathon
Running the 118th Boston Marathon!
…….and so much more.

I am truly grateful for each and everyone in my life and every moment I had in 28th! I am sure 29th will be that much more fun and can’t wait to share it with you!