Happiness is….

Happiness is BALANCE! I love healthy eating, recipes, new fitness classes, ect… but I love my cider/ wine, friends, food, and laughs so this weekend thats what I did…I ENJOYED and tried to BALANCE my life out…

So I enjoyed a Friday run, and then Yoga here, and a green smoothie…and then enjoyed a day of cider fun here! It continued with a night out in Faneuil Hall, aka we were considered very OLD! ha but we didn’t care, it was a blast! We also went to see a lady gaga light show at the museum of science which was a blast too.

Sunday Mister and I were hurting, but we made a little road trip and I didn’t die or throw up- two very scary concerns of mine ha, I think I went overboard with the cocktails, but it was worth it, and helps keep me in check on why I don’t like to/ can’t drink that much anymore ha. Sunday night we celebrated T Man turning one this week! T you are one of the loves of my life, and that smile. I can’t take how much you make everyones lives better with it. We love you beyond the moon and stars!
I stayed at my parents on Sunday for the birthday and so that I could have a Monday Morning Men day with my three littles… they were the best! Little W is 4 months on T man’s birthday…Where does the time go! Seriously!
We went on a walk, juggling babies: one on the chest, one in the stroller, one was the best hand holder. 3 littles under 4 and they were all the best. These helpers are amazing, and the best little men around. Last week at work I was STRESSED and Sick! But when I get to spend Mornings like this, with these boys, it makes juggling three full-time jobs all the better and why I work so hard, somedays starting at 4:30am. It’s worth it to me.
FullSizeRender 2So this week I am sticking with my 2016 goals:
Yoga…I got a 30 day package for $79.00 so need to GO!
Greens…I purchased $99 gift card for 31 days of smoothies
New Recipe… Go with recommendations, one a week I need 🙂

I started my Monday off, with the boys, lunch that was heavenly, and then am off to teaching today. It’s a good Monday for me.

Recipies for me please!

Did you buy any January introductions at a sale price for anything?

Do you enjoy yoga?

Do you work a typical 9-5? Love it? Hate it?