Hello Spring?!?

Seriously it’s May and its still freezing cold and raining. I am a pretty big Suzzie Sunshine always Happy person but this winter and then this spring has been LONG! But if its going to rain we may as well dance ( or make funny faces) in it, right?!?


On Monday my arms got demolished in an upper body work out, on Tuesday my legs got punished by lunges, squats, stairs and hills. I am not joking when I say I still can not walk correctly! I actually scheduled an “emergency” message tonight. Three races in 2 weeks ( two of them marathons) and this one day killed my legs more then the races.


So I did the logical thing today and rested. I know what?!? No run even if I can’t walk down stairs. Ha but yes I did the one smart thing and rested. Hopefully after tonight’s message, rest and water tomorrow I will be feeling better. Advil sent me this the other day I should have seen some foreshadowing!


Also by staying in bed and heading into the city later then normal I got to hang with Miss A a little longer and enjoy muffin time! This little one seriously brightens even the rainiest of days. She’s amazing! Today we were chatting with Suri ( yes on the iphone) we ask her random questions like why is there traffic, do you like coffee, is your favorite color pink, Suri doesn’t love our questions but we do. Then we got chatting about how lots of people ask lots of questions especially to god. So I asked little miss if she though his ears hurt from all that chatter and all those questions. In all her little 4 year old bliss she turned, locked eyes with me and said ” All those questions don’t both God or his ears, he is calm when he listens to them, that’s how he answers all the prayers”. I think if I was a little more time in my moments of crisis I too could hear a lot more clearer. Thanks little one for always watching out for me and reminding me to SLOW DOWN. Today’s prayers were for the babies we know are coming this year and the babies we want to be coming,  Annie has a pretty adorable relationship with god right now and it completely melts my heart, she reminds me to continually believe even when you think your being forgotten he is listening, planning, and delivering.


I don’t usually talk about religion but god is a big part of my life, my families life, and my running. I think no matter what your beliefs or faith is it is important to have it. My faith is continually changing ( for the better I believe) and growing. It’s a special bond , and I think everyone should have that faith with whatever they believe in. It grounds you. Centers you. And fulfills you. It also helps me be grateful. The grass will always be greener and we will always want what someone else has, but to be grateful and reminded of what you have is the most important thing for me.  And yes I talk to god out of religious context as well, I say the hail Mary when I need motivation to hold a plank, and the Our Father when I am holding a wall sit.

And onto something not so important but made my day was my lunch! i got it from here, it’s a hotel like snack shop but it’s amazing. Sometimes the simplest Salad’s are the best!


….and one more think I am excitied about is seeing this tomorrow! I know it will be hard to see, but I think it will be an emotional experience and am excitied to go and read others thoughts and feelings that came into Boston after the horrific attacks.



How I Recover and Hydrate!

I get asked a lot how my body recovers!
Rest, a lot of REST. I don’t sleep long hours, and can function on pretty minimal sleep but I do take naps, and after hard/ long runs and work outs, I do watch hours of TV to keep myself resting. WATER!Anyone who spends anytime with me knows how much water I drink, hence needing to know where a rest room is at all times. RECOVERY!It’s habit now but I drink a CorePower  after every work out. Whatever you do to refuel, and refuel properly try to make it a habit. I have seen people eating Chicken in the gym, so whatever floats your boat! I would reccomend CorePower and not just because I get to run with them, but because it’s amazing tasting, has all the right ingredients ( think it’s made from REAL MILK), and is easy to digest. It’s a no brainier for me! It’s also super easy to keep in my gym bag and grab directly after a work out!

may30bHYDRATE! I hydrate and not just with water! I love natural and real ingredients and that is why I run on SKRATCH. As the name says, this stuff is made from SKRATCH. It’s easy on the stomach and has some awesome flavors for both winter and summer. Think Hot Apple Cinnamon in the Winter and refreshing Pineapple in the SUMMER! When we sweat we loss more then just water, Skratch helps put whats lost and what’s needed back in our bodies in a healthy, natural way. Yes Sugar is the first ingredient, but healthy, natural sugars, are good for us in some cases ( like re-hydrating!) You can read more about SKRATCH HERE! They just sent me a bunch of new flavors perfect for summer that I can not wait to share with you guys and their yummy-ness! Yup that’s a new Cycling Singlet from them, looks like this whole Triathlon thing may actually be happening!

SKRATCH Goodies!

SKRATCH Goodies!


CROSS TRAIN & BOTTCAMP! I never really believed all the hype for Core Power, Strength Training and Cross Training. I know right, I will run 20 miles without hesitation, but you want me to do some planks, and lift weights and I begin to question you ASAP. I GET MY BUM KICKED DAILY BY BEANTOWN BOOTCAMP! I’m the Marketing Director there, so if you live in Boston, and want a good work out we can hook you up! Just show up! Seriously without learning the importance of CORE WORK for a runner and Strength Training I would never have survived all these marathons injury free. So find a group, a friend, a gym, a video, anything to motivate you to hit some weights ( they don’t have to be crazy HEAVY!) and a mat for those ABS!.

Cross Train, Strength Train, Work Those ABS!

Cross Train, Strength Train, Work Those ABS!

DRINK more WATER then you think you need
Focus on FORM when working your ABS
STRENGTH TRAIN your own body weight is enough for most women
Cross Train!
Find a Product that works to HYDRATE and another that helps you RECOVER!

I am also really excitied to be part of this SWEAT PINKcommunity!