Wordy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

How is your week so far? For me it has been great and “Balanced” which is a rare thing for me to feel balanced ha. So far this week I have gotten a speed work out in, some tennis, some hills, and weights, time with the kiddo’s, and tonight a fun night with the girls planned. It’s been a good week so far!

Yes Liam I'll clean up for you!

Yes Liam I’ll clean up for you!

Today’s workout was arms, leg’s ( Hills) and Abs.I headed to Beacon Hill in Boston and ran 9 different hills, if you know Boston you know this is the best spot to train for a hilly race. It’s minimal traffic ( in the morning), often tree covered ( less heat/sun), and always fellow runners there for motivation!
10 Reps of Each 3 times
*Links to photo of each drill*
Shoulder Press ( Free Weights 25lbs each)

Arm Curls ( Free Weights 25lbs each)
Kettle Bell Triceps Extension (22 lbs kettlebell)
Overhead CableTriceps Extension ( 50lbs weight with cable)
Cable Triceps Pull Down ( 50 LBS with weighted cable)
Dumbbell Diagonal Raises ( 10 lbs each side, total 30 each side)
V Crunch ( 30 total)
Flutter Kicks ( Total 60, 30 each side)
Butterfly Sit Ups ( Total 30)
Medicine Ball Crunch Rotation ( used 25 lbs medicine ball, total 30)
Plank with 2 second pulses of pulling hips up ( Total of 2 mins, with alternating 2 second pulse ups)

My arms felt a good burn after today since it focused on heavier weights and more of a specific targets area. My abs as a runner can always use more work too, so even though it’s painful doing abs I do try to mix them in!. Last night ( thanks to my parents for having a backboard in their back yard) I got to play tennis. Tennis is something I LOVE so much but it’s so hard to play as an adult, finding someone to play with at your ability and the time to play is hard. So them having a backboard ( basically a wall you hit off and it returns the ball for you) makes playing tennis for one easy! Plus it’s basically double the work out in half the time since the ball comes immediately back to you.

Thanks mom and dad for the court!

Thanks mom and dad for the court!

Last night was also extra fun because I got to hand out with my two buddies and eat gummy worms by the pool, so it was basically an #epicnight in my book ha. I try and lead a good example of what “healthy” foods are and how treats are also good, do the kids have a good roll model not only from my active lifestyle but also what I eat.

Gummy worms by the Pool - yes please!

Gummy worms by the Pool – yes please!

If you do wonder what i do for recovery and eat pretty much daily it’s PROTEIN. My friends/ family know how much I love my protein almost to the point of obsession. I bring things like extra protein granola bars ( yes they make them) on ski trips, and finish road races with an extra Luna bar or two to share. After most workouts ( who am I kidding every work out) I drink a Corepower. I love this stuff! Head over heels in love. It gives me 20-26 grams of protein that I need to recover, without me having to do anything but open the bottle. As a runner I am also a huge fan of Banana’s. Have you meet a runner that isn’t ha. So typically right after the gym I have a Corepower followed by a yogurt ( mixed with raisins and walnuts) and a banana.

Standard B*Fest For Me

Standard B*Fest For Me

On the topic of Banana’s and my love for them my other love it Ice Cream. If Ice Cream wasn’t just a treat and a staple of my diet ( again it sort of is) I think life would be perfect. But then I saw this blog post and was beyond thrilled! Legit all you need are Banana’s and a food processor, amazing right. Take 4-5 ripe bananas and freeze them, cut them and put them in a food processor, and within seconds you have your Ice Cream. You are WELCOME!

Frozen banana's and a food processor= ice cream.

Frozen banana’s and a food processor= ice cream.

Are you going to try this? One of my Bucket List Summer Items was to make Ice Cream, so this is a MUST do for me. Have you checked off some Summer must do’s? Another fun must do this summer for me is to do this race. It’s a beautiful 10K up on the coast and just looks like a blast! Want to join me? And since I am all about sharing a good sale here you go, and extra 40% off at JCREW.

Jcrew sale

Jcrew sale

How is your week going?

Any ABS exercises I need to try?

What is your standard go to B*fest?



Urban Raid!

Have you ever done an URBAN RAID?
“Anyone who has run on busy city streets knows that it’s a challenge in itself. Urban RAID takes it to the next level by capturing the best of city landscapes and urban elements and incorporating them into an innovative and challenging course. The city is your course in Urban RAID.”

Urban Raid

Urban Raid

They have a raid coming up in NYC 09.20.14 that every New Yorker should do. Seriously these races happen in the center of your city, are do able for all levels, and if you want an extra challenge, really race it, run it twice, or just enjoy running in the heart of your city!

Urban Raid 2014

Urban Raid 2014

The awesome people at the Urban Raid did an interview with me on how to prepare for an Urban Raid and what to expect. If you want a short fun little read on what I think about the Urban Raid then check it out HERE. You can also check out the Boston Video here and see how much fun we had!

Let me know if you are doing an Urban Raid! If your thinking about doing one or have any questions let me know!