The Merriest of Christmases

I hope you all had a very Merry Merry Christmas and Holiday Season! I was reminded in Church on Sunday that the Holiday Season really goes until January 11th- so I’ll be in the spirit right on into 2015!

The weekend and time with family and friends was simply amazing! I ate, drank, movie watched, laughed, and slept in my way through the holiday week.

Eating and Drinking my way through Christmas:

A Christmas Eve Dinner, Someone Loved Their Scratch Tickets:

A beautiful Christmas Mass with the Family:

Santa Arrived!

Christmas Dinner!

Time with Friends!

Christmas Visit’s to Beautiful Hotels and long walks:

Got Moving Daily ( even just for a few moments!)

Also this weekend I got to see these movies, I love movies!
Happy Feet
The Good Lie
The Theory of Everything


How was your Holiday?

All the best to you in 2015!

Thing’s I am loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday…Did you survive the rain yesterday ( in Boston) it was a downpour! My classes are inside which was nice for me ( recovering from the flu and rainy runs don’t mix!).

Rainy Week In Boston

Rainy Week In Boston

When it’s rainy, and just plan any random moments I like to refelect on what is making me happy! This morning a nice bowl of oatmeal, honey crystals, and a tea did the trick! Do you love honey, but have a hard time packing it on the go? I love these guys! Speaking of on the go products and things I love, this Justin’s Peanut Butter is my fav! I also am absolutely loving this Kind Bar flavor, tastes like candy!

What are some winter treats you are loving this winter? Speaking of things I love, this song is top of the list. I randomly found it in Itunes and can not stop listening to it! The music video is a little weird, but love the song!

New Song on Repeat

New Song on Repeat

Another thing I am loving is my Tread Tabata Classes have been packed, I love it! The energy and sweat makes me so pumped! I also have been feeling about 75% better so attempted a class myself yesterday, and then another today! Baby progress when your starting to feel better.

Back getting my own Sweat on!

Back getting my own Sweat on!

How are you spreading the joy this holiday season? How are you enjoying it yourself. I always try and “SLOW DOWN” and enjoy the moments. I have loved getting Christmas gifts for people this year, even the hard to get people ( I went with these, personalized and easy!) and then a few of these personalized calenders! We also have an ELF on the Shelf at my parents house and A and J love him, his name is Ralphie. Tell me how you are enjoying the holidays!

This morning was still a little rainy walking from the subway to the gym, but I got to see the lights over Boston Harbor and enjoy a quiet little walk- so it was a rainy but great start to the day!

Happy Half Way Point to the Week!

Boston even in the Rain your so Pretty

Boston even in the Rain your so Pretty