CPR, S’mores, and Fitness

Happy Thursday!

This week has been busy, with tons of meetings, events and fun, but busy, busy, busy. My running buddy sent me this quote the other day and it’s so true, and so perfect for the busy, hectic, lives we lead. ( PS she is super mom, balances work, family, fitness, healthy eating, and fun!).

Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities.

Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.

So true right? Were all busy, we just need to prioritize what matters. My dear friend is moving to NYC, and NYC is so lucky to be getting her. S and I went to college together and have monthly date nights together and it means the world to me to have such an amazing friend as her. Now I will just be visiting NYC a lot more 🙂 We have been trying to go HERE and use the FIRE PITS for s’mores. For $12 they give you all you need for a fantastic night: Marshmallow, reese’s peanut Butter cups, hershey’s chocolate, sliced Banana, graham crackers! Reservations are recommended for the fire pits. Seating are at 5,7, and 9.

We only burnt every marshmallow.

We only burnt every marshmallow.

Make your reservation now!

Make your reservation now!

This week I also took a CPR class and got a good refresher in some basic’s.
CPR is the same for everyone, its 30 compressions to the chest and 2 breaths. For adults you can interlock your hands ( two hands to the chest), for children (1-8 years only) one hand to the chest ( two if you get tired) and Infants ( under 1) two fingers to the chest. With adults and children, make sure to pinch the nose closed, with infants put your mouth over their mouth and nose with the breaths. Breather only enough into the chest to have it rise slightly and fall. Too harsh of breaths will go right to the stomach ( causing them to throw up) and not get air in their lungs. A basic and great explanation can be found here No matter what you do call 9-1-1. If you call 9-1-1 your doing more then 90% of people out there. The class also covered the Heimlich maneuver . For adults ask the chocking person where their belly button is, make a fist about one inch up from belly button, thumb of fist facing in, thrust in and up. This is the same for adults and children. With infants ( under one) lay them over your leg, head down ( feet are higher then head) and 5 open palm hits to the back, flip them over ( head still lower then feet) and 5 2 finger compressions to the chest.

CPR Approved

CPR Approved

Also I saw this article and was reminded how great these basic exercises are.
Single Arm Overhead Press
Pull Over with Weights
Barbell Row
Single Leg Work ( single leg box jumps, jumping/ landing one foot).
Single Leg Lateral Work ( Boy Bands).
and if you rather just get a fantastic workout with me in inperson for FREE then show up tomorrow at Christopher Columbus Park in Boston ( by Marriott Long Wharf) and come to the LAST free Bootcamp of the summer. It’s a great group of people, a hard workout, and free! So don’t miss out on the last class for free of the summer.

Last Free First Bootcamp Tomorrow 6:30 am.

Last Free First Bootcamp Tomorrow 6:30 am.

Also one utterly perfect sunset for you, it was the pinks and blues that got me. Have you been seeing some good sunsets/ sunrises. I feel like this summer has been amazing with the beautiful colors in the sky.



Any fun Thursday/ Weekend Plans?

Do you love s’mores too?

Favorite kid dessert!

Charleston SC

This weekend was spent having so much fun celebrating my friend in South Carolina on her Bachlorette party. It was actually a “Jack and Jill” ( Bachelor and Bachellorette party) which was awesome but boy can those boys party! I don’t think I have ever taken so many FireBall shots in my life ha.

It was so much fun meeting all the bridesmaids and friends before the wedding ( in October) and really of course so much fun catching up with the bride herself. Also a fun twist was getting to see the future Ms and Mr together, relaxed, and having a blast on vacation. It was really nice to also meet all of his friends and groomsmen before the wedding too. Isn’t it awesome how you love your friends, you meet there friends and you love them too?!?! It makes total sense that you would like their other friends too, but it’s just such a blast when you really all click!

Main points and highlights then some photo’s…because everyone loves photo’s right!
We Stayed Here ( 15 mins or so from downtown, right on the beach).
Went to this Blody Mary Bar
Ate this AMAZING coconut cake ( you can order online too!)
Danced the night away here

Had the most beautiful dinner here Friday night
Wore these Tattoo’s


Our homes...

Our homes…

Our drinks...

Our drinks…

Our food...

Our food…

and out cakes!

and our cakes!

Toes in the sand..

Toes in the sand..

Beach dunes...

Beach dunes…



Taco Boy

Taco Boy

Stunning dinners...

Stunning dinners…

New friends!

New friends!

Drinks and Tattoo's

Drinks and Tattoo’s

Tattoos and glow sticks

Tattoos and glow sticks

Lazy beach days...

Lazy beach days…

Dined outside here...

Dined outside here…

Danced Surf bar style here...

Danced Surf bar style here…

I had so much fun this weekend! but my body wants some serious rest ASAP and lots of veggies, water, and sleep! So this week will be all that, and then preparing for Reach the Beach on Thursday night.

How was your weekend?

Anything fun happen?