Feeling Blessed and Loved

Hello Monday!
Yesterday was Father’s Day, I was traveling back from Dallas and wasn’t sure what part of my dad, brother in law your brothers day I would get to be part of..luckily I was there for a great evening, and lots of giggles!

My dad is hands down on amazing man. He raised 4 kids with my mom, took us as his priority, and raised us to be fiercely independent, always ready to lend a hand, and that honesty is not just important but mandatory. He loves his grand kidos with the same love he gave us kids, and watching him interact with them, love them and teach them, makes me feel so blessed and lucky to have him.

We got some hammock swinging in, some cake (we eat cake at every holiday, multiply ones most days!) pizza, tubs, and great grandmother loving on Sunday night. It’s crazy how much the boys are starting to look like twins (they are cousins and 8 plus months apart). A is super proud of her cake, she “ate” the whole thing 🙂
This am the little man and I went for  nice Monday morning run, it is so much cooler by my parents by the water, and especially back up north versus the texas heat last week. I could run, and breath, and push the stroller, it was a winning Monday morning in my book. I have also been loving this jam all week…so good!
How is your Monday going?
Any fun week plans?
I’m in the office today, and later grabbing coffee with a friend, then off to teach, and tomorrow is my busy teaching day so hopefully have a few moments today to write up some new workouts. Any workout moves you are loving lately? I would love new idea’s or suggestions.

Happy Monday,

So Much Love and a Hello from TX

Hello Tuesday…
I am in Dallas Texas this week, part fun part work (which is still fun but you get it)…Our Weekend was so much fun, filled with love and laughter and friends and family, however our Monday am flight was not…
So word of advice, no matter how much fun your having on a sunday, and you have an early flight in the am, switch to water ASAP…ha it was legit a death by White Wine Day for me. But we landed safe and sound and soon enough were shoving heavenly Tex Mex in our bellies. We went here and it was amazing, and was a perfect refuel for our empty stomachs. The TNT Corn was a favorite for everyone.

But lets rewind a little shall we to a whole lot of love and more love. Saturday we went to a friends wedding, she had so many amazing people there and with over 400 guests she still made it feel amazingly intimate and beautiful, she herself of course was stunning. The wedding was North of Boston, so we were able to go to it, and stay at home, which made it a nice little relaxing weekend even though it was busy, we still were “at home”. It was nice to be able to just celebrate, and be able to enjoy the wedding and witness all the love shared there.

Sunday morning we had another celebration of love for little W, he was being baptized and it was amazing to see the people who traveled from New York, Texas and even Italy to be part of his special day. We are so blessed to have so many friends that are like family, and now W has them as well. We celebrated post party (aka the death by wine) at our yacht club and friends and family were all able to be there and continue the celebration with us.

It was an amazing weekend, and then flying off to Dallas just continued the party. When we arrived I got to met up with my friend J (she’s the best and hosting me for a few days of vacation) and we went to a FlyWheel class. I have never been to a class and typically don’t love spinning but loved the instructor and the class, and my legs burned and I was dripping sweat post class.
She looks amazing, I look like the wine has finally left my body, thank G ha. We went to a great dinner last night, and this morning I got up to tour around Dallas and check out some museums. First I went over to the Perot Museum of Natural History. It was awesome, and filled with kiddos which was fun to watch them learn about everything from evolutions, to minerals, to history and their own human bodies. Their were some pretty big Dino’s as well…
Then I headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art which was Free to the public. A nice bonus for any visitor but also a nice way to encourage the public to visit. *It opens at 11, and is right across from a beautiful park, so grab a book, head to the Klyde Warren Park and then your in the right spot to head over to the museum right when it opens. The park also has tons of events from fitness to family fun and concerts, so 110% check it out when your in Dallas.
The art in the museum was beautiful, and had a few signature artists along with some personal collections donated to the museum. It is always interesting to see museums around the US and compare to the ones Boston has in our backyard that I don’t visit or explore enough. This afternoon I am off with a book, my laptop and a blanket to head to the Dallas Arboretum and see some beautiful flowers and enjoy the afternoon in a shady spot.

Any Dallas must see recomendations for me?

Any must eats?

Favorite thing to do on vacation?