Wordy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

How is your week so far? For me it has been great and “Balanced” which is a rare thing for me to feel balanced ha. So far this week I have gotten a speed work out in, some tennis, some hills, and weights, time with the kiddo’s, and tonight a fun night with the girls planned. It’s been a good week so far!

Yes Liam I'll clean up for you!

Yes Liam I’ll clean up for you!

Today’s workout was arms, leg’s ( Hills) and Abs.I headed to Beacon Hill in Boston and ran 9 different hills, if you know Boston you know this is the best spot to train for a hilly race. It’s minimal traffic ( in the morning), often tree covered ( less heat/sun), and always fellow runners there for motivation!
10 Reps of Each 3 times
*Links to photo of each drill*
Shoulder Press ( Free Weights 25lbs each)

Arm Curls ( Free Weights 25lbs each)
Kettle Bell Triceps Extension (22 lbs kettlebell)
Overhead CableTriceps Extension ( 50lbs weight with cable)
Cable Triceps Pull Down ( 50 LBS with weighted cable)
Dumbbell Diagonal Raises ( 10 lbs each side, total 30 each side)
V Crunch ( 30 total)
Flutter Kicks ( Total 60, 30 each side)
Butterfly Sit Ups ( Total 30)
Medicine Ball Crunch Rotation ( used 25 lbs medicine ball, total 30)
Plank with 2 second pulses of pulling hips up ( Total of 2 mins, with alternating 2 second pulse ups)

My arms felt a good burn after today since it focused on heavier weights and more of a specific targets area. My abs as a runner can always use more work too, so even though it’s painful doing abs I do try to mix them in!. Last night ( thanks to my parents for having a backboard in their back yard) I got to play tennis. Tennis is something I LOVE so much but it’s so hard to play as an adult, finding someone to play with at your ability and the time to play is hard. So them having a backboard ( basically a wall you hit off and it returns the ball for you) makes playing tennis for one easy! Plus it’s basically double the work out in half the time since the ball comes immediately back to you.

Thanks mom and dad for the court!

Thanks mom and dad for the court!

Last night was also extra fun because I got to hand out with my two buddies and eat gummy worms by the pool, so it was basically an #epicnight in my book ha. I try and lead a good example of what “healthy” foods are and how treats are also good, do the kids have a good roll model not only from my active lifestyle but also what I eat.

Gummy worms by the Pool - yes please!

Gummy worms by the Pool – yes please!

If you do wonder what i do for recovery and eat pretty much daily it’s PROTEIN. My friends/ family know how much I love my protein almost to the point of obsession. I bring things like extra protein granola bars ( yes they make them) on ski trips, and finish road races with an extra Luna bar or two to share. After most workouts ( who am I kidding every work out) I drink a Corepower. I love this stuff! Head over heels in love. It gives me 20-26 grams of protein that I need to recover, without me having to do anything but open the bottle. As a runner I am also a huge fan of Banana’s. Have you meet a runner that isn’t ha. So typically right after the gym I have a Corepower followed by a yogurt ( mixed with raisins and walnuts) and a banana.

Standard B*Fest For Me

Standard B*Fest For Me

On the topic of Banana’s and my love for them my other love it Ice Cream. If Ice Cream wasn’t just a treat and a staple of my diet ( again it sort of is) I think life would be perfect. But then I saw this blog post and was beyond thrilled! Legit all you need are Banana’s and a food processor, amazing right. Take 4-5 ripe bananas and freeze them, cut them and put them in a food processor, and within seconds you have your Ice Cream. You are WELCOME!

Frozen banana's and a food processor= ice cream.

Frozen banana’s and a food processor= ice cream.

Are you going to try this? One of my Bucket List Summer Items was to make Ice Cream, so this is a MUST do for me. Have you checked off some Summer must do’s? Another fun must do this summer for me is to do this race. It’s a beautiful 10K up on the coast and just looks like a blast! Want to join me? And since I am all about sharing a good sale here you go, and extra 40% off at JCREW.

Jcrew sale

Jcrew sale

How is your week going?

Any ABS exercises I need to try?

What is your standard go to B*fest?



It’s been a week…

How has your week been? Did it fly by? Drag on? Did you have an amazing week, or struggle on through? Lately I have been watching how, ho hum people are about life, no enthusiasm, no passion, nada. It seems kind of boring to me, right? Like you do the same thing everyday and don’t even enjoy it? I know everyday isn’t going to be filled with Skittles and Sunshine, but seriously how hard is it to simply be happy. Even if your not where you want to be, or doing exactly what you want to be doing, can’t you be a little happy about it, maybe even smile?!? I have some really awesome friends and we are all at different stages of our lives and dealing with different things and all seem to agree that if everyone could just be a little nicer, kinder, and smile more the world would be better, happier, and down right more awesome. And if you need some WINE to help get you smiling this weekend head over here.

Life isn't that hard.

Life isn’t that hard.

Also if you need to see some sunrises and sunsets to put your life in perspective here you go! Your welcome. You too could see them if you decide to be a morning person 🙂
Some suggestions if you are not a morning person on how to wake up!
1. Set your alarm clock 5 mins early everyday, until you are comfortable waking up earlier.
2. Meet a friend! I run with my friend Mandy and there are 110% days neither of us would show if we weren’t meeting each other!
3. Make a “reward playlist” songs you only get to listen to en route to your gym or on your early morning run.
4. LAY YOUR CLOTHING OUT. Seriously who has time to think in the morning! Lay it out, jump into it while your half asleep and go!
5. Reward your self with a treat after! No your not a dog you don’t need to be rewarded with food, but think about a new flavor of iced coffee, or Core Power ( 🙂 ) you can have when you finish.
6. Make plans after work, that way you need to get your work out in!
7. Find a work out that excites you! Something new like the work out below:

Get Fit Friday!

Get Fit Friday!

8. Sign up for a class you need to “pre registrar” for. If you paid, you will go.
9. Make it social! Does your city offer free summer fitness classes? Boston does and you can check them out here. When your being social its more fun!

Free Bootcamps in the North End 6:30am Friday's this summer

Free Bootcamps in the North End 6:30am Friday’s this summer

10. Get a full night sleep! Your body needs rest, you should not be waking up tired, listen to your body, hydrate, and waking up shouldn’t be a struggle!

Food from this week was extra fantastic and yummy! I have been trying to enjoy more summer foods ( AKA fruits and veggies) but also enjoying some treats.
We got Gluten Free Pizza’s from here on Wednesday and they were fantastic! June27iWe had sandwiches at the office brought in from here this week and I highly recommend visiting the north end shop ASAP! I had the Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil, which seems so simply but if a Sandwich can be EPIC this one was. They also make their own pasta and have Gluten Free options which is always a plus!
June27gWe also ate Mexican from here this week, and it was amazing also! Why does mexican food never look good in pictures? It always is so colorful, and fun looking, and then you look at the photo and it looks blah and gross ha, but it was great!
Casa Corona

Speaking of all the food I have eaten this week here are 16 new must try Boston restaurants! I’m excitied to try a few, in particular here and here.

This weekend is the annual Champagne Festival which I will be attending. AKA Day Drinking. Read this if you want to enjoy some drinks this summer in a smart, hangover free, healthy way.


Champagne Time

Also A and J got these “gifts” this week from my sister and I died because seriously they might be the only two kids in the world that would be in love with getting tooth brushes. Can you get what the family business is ha?

Kids and their toothbrushes!

Kids and their toothbrushes!

Miss A also had her last full day of Pre K on Thursday which means no more commuting buddy for me. I will miss having her especially while stuck in traffic! This week she asked why Wonderland ( a T stop in Revere) is called wonderland. I explained it was where the Wonderland Ball room was located, she laughed and said “bald room” ha does Kenny Cheney play there since he is a bald man. followed by seeing a jeep with a “bikini top” roof on, it sent her into legit hysterics for a half hour. Obviously she got a cake for finishing school.

Last Day of Pre-K Cake.

Last Day of Pre-K Cake.

We also finally celebrated this guys birthday and fathers day. Yes that balloon has a fire truck on it, and yes it’s for my dad not baby J. Shaw’s was slacking and I ran out of time, sorry dad.

Happy Belated Birthday PK

Happy Belated Birthday PK

Also if you follow me on Instagram you know I have a new massive love for these this summer! Don’t these bring back memories! What’s your favorite summer go to treat? I also love THESE!
june27kAlso our office ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge this year. It was again a great ( crowded) race, well organized, great vendors, and a nice cool breeze this year. Has your company run it before? What are your thoughts? It’s a 3.5 mile race and a great healthy out of the office activity.

Corporate Challenge!

Corporate Challenge!

Last year I got to start the race, and ran from the front of the pack, so it was a different perceptive this year, more crowded, but when your running as a team and not going for time you can really enjoy the race and learn more about your co workers!

2013 JP Morgan Donated all the funds to the One Fund.

2013 JP Morgan Donated all the funds to the One Fund.

How was your week? It was pretty funny when I look back and can laugh on some of the ridiculousness of it. The people that claim to be one thing are usually the ones who are furthest from it hence all that “claiming” about who they are, what they do, what they stand for, you gotta just laugh sometimes, so I laughed my way through this week.

Are you ready for the weekend? Yes I am, I am always ready for the weekend, those people who get summer Friday’s I am straight up jelous.

Are you “floating” in life right now?
I think I am starting to learn to go with the flow, and the easy path is not the right path always ( at least for me).

Should you smile more?
I think we can all do this!

If you could open your own business what would it be? A Froyo Store or Juice Bar would be my picks!