Loving my job and life lately…

Also known as feeling better! But seriously look at these ladies, they show up morning after morning, when most people are in bed and make my job so fun, even when i’m sick, down, just not feeling myself, I walk into a class, see these people, and know I need to bring my A Game!

These ladies are the best! I teach Monday nights, and Tuesday mornings * yes I sleep, but not enough * but these amazing athletes seriously make my job so fun, they keep me on my toes, and make me want to try new things, and create new to me moves like this one!

Grab a weight, drop into a low squat, and steep out side to side alternating legs it burns! I gave my group last night three exercises, each lasting a min, back to back for three mins, and then they got a full 1 min break, we worked on our cardio endurance and had a blast!

We mixed up the second half of the class with jump ropes! Have you used a jump rope in awhile? If not grab one, so easy, and such an amazing workout! My Green juice love is still in full effect up in here, everyday people, making my $99 a good investment!
Speaking of good investments, do you guys commute to work with 5000 bags like I used to? We ll this year for christmas mister got me a backpack and I seriously love it! No more 5000 bags, and falling all over the place on the T. It’s not a million lbs on my back either! It’s amazing. My mom also got me these mitten/ gloves that you can also use your phone with and they are amazing and deff needed in this cold!

What was the best christmas gift? Gift to yourself, or gift you gave to someone. I never thought I would think backpacks were cool ha I guess I am a dork but I love mine! I have also been loving my new years goal of a new recipe a week, and I have been on a soup kick, so Corn Chowder it was last night!

The house might smell like bacon for awhile- opps! ha but the soup was so yummy! I used more potatoes then needed since I don’t eat fish so left that out. I know I am the worst eater/ and adult for no fish, but the sent I just can’t. Someday maybe, but for now I am fish free.

How is your week going?
Exercise Move you love?
Do you work out in the am or pm?

Tuesday Fun…And A Spring Reset!

Happy Tuesday Peps!
We made it…
ha well 1 day down, 4 to go, but progress people progress! Last night was the first night I have run in over 10 days, it was SLOW and 3 miles, but it did give me the confidence that my knee will survive the 26.2 next Monday.
April 14  B
I am on a 10 week plan to increase my strength training, form, and function when weight lifting, so the past two weeks I have removed the leg, swuat, heavy weighted portion but still am doing the upper body heavy lifting. Today’s homework was:
Military Press at 72 lbs for 5 reps 2 sets
Chest Press at 89 lbs for 5 reps 2 sets
Pull Ups with Min rest between sets for 3 sets: 6,4,5
April 14  CThen it was time to Teach a little Tread Tabata to my rockstars! I still have limited voice and these people are just AWESOME! they bring 110% every.single.day! I LOVE it! Can’t wait to be back pushing the pace after the Marathon. Also is this you guys…
April 14  DThis is COMPLETELY me…that is why I am so excitied to share an awesome and amazing spring reset for you! Laura over at Mommy Run Fast has an amazing Spring Reset for you to participate in! It is a 21 day reset you don’t want to miss out on!
April 14 ETwo awesome things: The first 15 participants can get $10 off with promo code โ€œearlybirdโ€ and you get to eat dark chocolate on it! Registrar HERE. Benefits of a reset or cleanse include resetting your metabolism, improved energy, better digestion, less inflammation, less bloating, feeling better and jump starting weight loss. Don’t miss out on this amazing reset for Spring with me!
E Mail Laura here. I need help with balance and my sugar addiction so I am thrilled to start this!
Important Details:
Reset Dates: Monday, April 27th- Sunday, May 16th, 2015

What is included?

  • A clean eating guide to help you choose the best options for your family
  • An e-cookbook with seasonal spring recipes for detoxifying your liver and energizing your body
  • Sample meal plans for each week
  • Accountability and support via a private Facebook group
  • Daily emails with holistic health tips and tricks

Who is excitied to join me! Let’s get healthy, happy, fit, ready for summer!

April 14 A