The rules of eating right…

A quick little Sunday post for you guys on the Rule of Eating Right for exercising.

Rules of Eating Right

Rules of Eating Right

1. Under an hour go empty! If the workout is less then an hour, it’s okay to go without eating. If the workout is longer then an hour then a pre meal would be a good idea to be able to sustain the exercise without feeling fatigued.
2. Keep things familiar. Everyone’s GI track is different, so stick with foods that work for you and your stomach, try to eat something familiar, low in fat, low in fiber, and higher in carbohydrates.
3. Timing is everything. Timing your pre exercise meal should be done within 30 mins of heading out the door. The larger the meal the more time you want to digest it, but keep in mind that you do want the fuel stored somewhere near that half hour window so the body can use it during exercise and not just store it. Try to consume a snack high in protein within the first 30 mins of exercise completion. The protein will help speed up muscle recovery.
4.Drink it up! Hydration not just during exercise but pre and post is important! There is no set rule but a great rule of thumb is try and consume half your body weight in ounces. Example: If you weight 150lbs try and consume 75ounces of water a day. Also remember it doesn’t always have to be water, fruits and veggies count for hydration too!

Check out the full article on Runner World Here.
Have a great hydrating and well fueled Sunday!


The time my life was changed by spinkles

Thank you again Monique for having me over yesterday on your blog! If you missed the post check it out here.

My weekend was spent in a classroom. I am talking 8 hour full day’s classroom lecture style. Studying has never been my strong suit, but this is of course a topic I love, so I knew it would be much more enjoyable! But by Sunday my brain was FRIED! I learned a ton of great information, and we did a few hands on assessments which I think helped. We also got to make a few workout plans, which I think was great if someone had never made one before. Anyone who goes back to school as an adult I give you credit, your awesome!

My weekend was spent doing this...

My weekend was spent doing this…

I am not a math person at all but did find when its fitness related I can do it. Ha I guess I can do it all along, but you know it’s more interesting when you actually like the stuff you are learning. Some formulas:
BMI ( Body Mass Index) weight (lb) / [height (in)]2 x 703
Example Time:
115 lbs 5’4

115/ 642 x703
= 19.7% Body Fat

Resting Heart Rate
Take it before your feet hit the ground in the morning, average it over 3 day’s. How many beats per min?

Max Heart Rate
Example: 220-29 = 191

Target Heart Rate
(Max HR – Resting HR) X % Intensity + Resting HR
Example: 25 year old, RHR= 65, Inensity is 60-70%
1. Calculate MHR ( 220-25 = 195)
2. (195-65) X.6 + 65 = 143 Beats Per Min
3. (195-65) X.7 + 65 = 156 Beats Per Min
Heart Rate should be between 143-156 BPM

Heart Rate Reserve
HRR= HR Max- Resting HR
Use example above for MHR ( 191)
HRR = 191 – Resting HR

Rewarding myself!

Rewarding myself!

Please take note of the soft serve, this place layered the sprinkles in while swirling the soft serve. So yes ever bite had sprinkles in it. It was life altering and amazing! Seriously life altering! There is a fine balance between too much topping and not enough, this was perfection.

Also here is a super simple fun Corepower recipe for you! It’s really easy, filling, and a “treat”! Yes I made this in the morning, no shame in eating healthy ice cream for breakfast ha. No shame at all!
The “healthy” banana split shake!
Banana Corepower
Frozen Strawberries
Chocolate Sauce

Summer Sundae

Summer Sundae

Also everyone and their mom’s rave about this coffee place so I knew I had to try it. It was good, but not my Muffin Shop style good. It sort of reminded me of like Honey Dew flavors, yes they had a million flavors but some of them really sounded awful ha. Not saying I didn’t go here at least 3 times this weekend, but not sure about some of the flavors. Are you a Marylou’s Fan? The store was adorable so they get extra points for the all pink!



And like any good person when Cape traffic gets crazy you just stop and go shopping. Right? Just me? I went to the Derby St shops and loved the lay out of the stores. It was like an outlet mall and you could enjoy being outside and not in a mall, but they had the great mall like stores. Do you like outlet stores, malls, or single stores best? I mean I am not going to lie I like shopping anywhere especially TARGET that’s my happy place ha.

Derby St

Derby St

Happy Tuesday! Make it a great week!