Spartan Kids Are The Best Kids

I love motivating adults to get healthy and moving but motivating kids to love their bodies, burn some energy, and feel confident – that’s the best! I mean look at this teamwork, those smiles, and just positive involvement.

Kids need to move, they need to work as teammates, and we need to encourage them. They need to fail. Yes I said it. It’s okay to fail. Even as adults so many times we don’t try for fear we will fail. Kids need success and failure equally. They need to push themselves individually and communicate as a team. We focus on individual drills as well as team and partner drills. It’s great watching them work as large teams. As individuals. And as partners.

Most importantly we teach the kids, they only need their own bodies and about 5 feet of personal space. We show them five exercise they need to do a spartan, and to enjoy at home.
Push ups
Squat jumps
Which build…the burpee! If you have ever done a spartan you know these are penalties for failing an obstacle.

Fitness + Kids = My Happy Place! 110% it gets loud, it’s organized chaos, sometimes no one listens, and it looks like a fight could break out, ha, but for every time I wonder “oh no” there are five kids that run up to me and say they can’t wait to do a Spartan. With so many schools cutting their PE and Athletic Classes I feel lucky to volunteer my time and go into schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and programs and help kids learn about fitness and Spartan Races.


Have you ever done a spartan?

Do you have kids, proud aunt/ uncle?

If your ever interested in having Matt and I ( or another amazing Spartan Kids Coach) comes motivate yours little people (in Boston or beyond) let me know!

Jimmy Fund Fit Fest

Hey Guys!
So if I haven’t told you some exciting, awesome, and super fun news… I will be leading a workout for the Jimmy Funds Fit Festival in May! You 110% don’t want to miss out on the fun! You can register here and sign up for a fun day filled with friends and fitness!

Here are some details on the event, and more information can be found on the website here.

Jimmy Fund Fit Fest-
presented by Reebok
Join us Saturday, May 14, 2016 for the Jimmy Fund Fit Fest presented by Reebok. A day-long fitness festival to be held at the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Mass.

The day will feature six fitness classes from some of the city’s best studios and trainers. You’ll get to work out, learn from the hottest trainers in the industry, and have the opportunity to win amazing prizes, all while raising critical funds for Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund.

You can learn about my workout here! And a few details on it:

Reebok Spartan

Class Time: 12:15 – 12:45 p.m.

Led by our SGX-certified Coach Cara, the fitness rookie and the seasoned veteran will benefit from this workout. We will go over exercises that will help prepare you to conquer your first Reebok Spartan Race, or improve at your next Reebok Spartan Race. We will challenge you with your own body weight, push your cardiovascular limits, and leave you changed and smiling.


Can’t wait to participate in such a fun day of fitness and see everyone there giving it 110% and helping charity too!


I have been loving efficient workouts lately! I just need to get in and out of the gym and get an awesome sweat in! So today I hit the treadmill for some speed:
All at an incline 1- alternating speed (6-7 min miles) and recovery ladder:
30 seconds on speed, 30 seconds recovery ( as you go up the ladder try and maintain the speed)
60 seconds on speed, 60 seconds recovery
1.5 mins on speed, 1.5 recovery
2 mins speed, 2 mins recovery
2.5 mins speed, 2 mins recovery
3 mins speed, 2.5 mins recovery ( as you go down the ladder try to increase the speed)
2.5 mins speed, 2 mins recovery
2 mins speed, 1.5 mins recovery
1.5 mins speed, 1 min recovery
1 min speed, 30 seconds recovery
30 seconds all out sprint
It’s an awesome workout, and makes the time fly by and get some miles in. Earlier in the week I did it with hills, and was dripping sweat!

And a little W love…who doesn’t need more adorable baby smiles in their lives?! If babies and puppies don’t make your day, I’m not sure anything will.