Friday Favs

Hello Rainy Friday in Boston!
Do you guys like the rain or hate it? It’s not snow ( but wait that might come tomorrow in Boston)
and although I would always rather stay in bed when it rains, I do like the rain. Yes it’s annoying to commute in but it’s also peaceful and cleansing.
March 27 eI always feel like the rain is a “fresh start” a new beginning right?!?!? today my corporate client killed it at Tread Tabata, he has a half marathon coming up so we are really working on finishing strong, and building up his hill strength, also making him as confident as can be going into the race! A few weekends ago the speaker at the Spartan SGX Coaching Session said “Workouts are the gas station not the racetrack” meaning workouts should leave us feeling refueled, and ready to take on a race, not completely beaten down before the race. I loved this…I also love these two and their baby blue eyes…
March 27 d
March 27 c
I know I of course favorite these little men, but seriously they are just beautiful. Seriously how could these eyes not make you know everything is right in the world. I am not a hugely creative person when it comes to crafts, but I do enjoy them I often just get overwhelmed. Enter, a class at the Paper Source. Last night i attended a Spring Card making workshop and it was a blast! The classes are around 2 hours and cost $20-$30 and you get to make 3-4 cards, so with cards around $5.00 each it’s a great deal.
March 27 a
March 27 b
It was so much fun doing something, outside my comfort zone and getting creative! I had a blast and really enjoyed trying something new. It would be a really fun girls night, or just a little creative outing, and they happen all over at different Paper Source Stores. Keeping up with staying out of my comfort zone I am heading to a Barre/ Core Fusion class tonight…wish me luck!

How is your week going?
Do you like the rain?
Any fun Easter traditions?

Wednesday Fun

Happy Wednesday!
Mind week check point! How is everyone doing? All good news on the front here as I passed my Spartan SGX Coach Certification last night.
I have a hard, hard, really hard, time with online tests and this one was not easy so I was pumped to see this on my computer last night!
march 25 lThat green check mark was heavenly to see! Also on Monday night I got to see the Little Man J swimming and hang with my other favorite guy T Man. J is amazing at swimming, and seriously covered almost the whole pool bubble free! You are just amazing little Man!

Going back in time Sunday I got to hang with another favorite in my life, my grandmother, she’s 92 and AMAZING. Seriously I post a photo on social media and it gets the most comments and likes, she truly touches everyone’s lives she meets and makes them laugh! Wine and Chocolate she swears by it!
march 25 aWe have moved out classes outdoors because even though it doesn’t feel like Spring it is supposed to be Spring so our Bootcamps are outdoors, and today, at 30 degrees actually felt warm! I have been feeling super tight lately so did some ball work on the hamstrings after class.
march 25  oI have been doing a little back and forth commuting this week and some early mornings but have been waking up and commuting with sunrises like these, I just have to smile and realize how GREAT LIFE IS!

Also today at the office I got a FaceTime call from K and she was having breakfast with T and it was just the best little chat ever! My office thinks I’m crazy, ha but T getting to talk to you, even if you have no idea what I am saying makes my whole world light up!Do you FaceTime? I never used to, but I love it, I get to feel like I am catching everything A, J and T do for moments I can’t be there. I love it for talking on the go or explaining something as well, especially with teaching because I can demonstrate it!
march 25  y
Seriously T man those little cheeks and that smile! You melt my heart everyday. And clearly its not only my sister who knows I love my T updates, moments later I got this text from my dad.
march 25 xDo you guys talk to your family frequently? Once a day? Once a week? Just e mail? We talk all the time, and to everyone, and we are huge “note leavers” and always say Love you. Also my dad is not calling me something mean or bathroom talk above ha, the kids can’t say Cara, so CaCa it is.

How is your week going?
Any fun mid week plans?
Do you just love babies or what?