Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I LOVE all holiday’s but this one I really love, it’s all about my people ha, and it’s just a fun day with family, friends, and green fun! I Love it and seriously can’t get enough of it. For A and J We do a little special something to start their day off ever so green and lucky! A Little Grenn Man visits them, and brings them treats to start their special day!
March 17 j
They were seriously head over heels in Love with their gifts, and so excited for school today!

For you I don’t have Treats but I do have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day workout for you:
March 17 h
Grab a timer, stop watch, phone: HAPPY ST. PATRICK’s DAY! Time/ Reps is listed next to the word.
HAPPY: 30 Seconds on 10 seconds rest.
H- High Knees
A- Arnold Dumbell Press, Hands Facing into eachother, and pressing from shoulders straight up.
P- Plank Hold
P- Plank Swivels ( working those obliques, feet are “glued together” in a plank)
Y- Your Pick
St. – 20 of each exercises.
S- Sit Ups
T- T’s to I’s with Free weghts arms are straight being them in front of you, then out to the sides.
PATRICK’S: 60 Seconds on, 25 Seconds Rest.
P- Plank Jacks
A- A$$ Taps, Tap your Bum to a bench, less then an inch off the bench, rapid taps.
T- Tricep Plank Hold
R- Renegade Row with Kettle Bells or Free Weights Alternating Arms
I- Inchworm
C- Cross Country Running in Place
K- Kirate Kick with Lunge Back:lung back then Kirate Kick out leg, switch legs half way.
S- Side Leg Raises, switch half way through.
DAY: 30 Seconds on 10 Seconds Rest.
D- Donkey Kicks
A- Alternating Hell Touches, shoulder blades off the ground, feet are at 90 degrees.
Y- Your Pick
March 17 k
Have the Happiest of Saint Patrick’s Day, Wear Some Green, Eat Some Green, Donate some Green! We celebrated this weekend by going to this Irish Bar and getting decked out and dancing!

Happy Happy DAY!
How do you celebrate?
Are you rocking Green today?

Chilly Chilly Monday

Happy Tuesday!
Did you get to enjoy the long weekend, if you had to work I hope you did someone nice for yourself in the form of a workout, a chat with a friend or a special lunch. It was a cold cold day yesterday…so I did what any sane person would do…

Yup I went skiing, in feels like -30 temps…sanity at its best right ha?!? So yes it was cold, like cold that you could only take a few runs before frost bite set in and you needed to get inside to warm up. But the conditions were amazing! Skiers love what is called “first tracks”, which means your the first ones on the mountian and the snow has not yet been skied on and not many other skiers are on the mountian. Every. Single. Run. Was a first tracks run….so yes it was cold but it was the best day of skiing I have had in years. Fresh powder, sunny skies, and no one else on the mountian!

After skiing I love to have a warm meal, but mid runs I stick to protein bars, Shakes, Milk, Fruit, Trail Mix, and Core Power. Sometimes a meal makes me too tired but these snacks fill me to keep me turning, and not too tired.

So yes I might have been a little crazy to ski in the cold, but I would not have picked any other way to spend my holiday weekend! Best part of the day ski trip was lunch with is lady…

Miss A lives along the way to and from the mountains so I got to swing by and catch up with her after my skiing adventures. We went to the best restaurant and had amazing French onion soup, a salad with fried goat cheese and the best flat bread pizza I have had in forever. Two of our friends got married and got us our matching hoodies and legit all the bridesmaids are always wearing these hoodies, they are the best! After this amazing weekend of wine, friends, skiing, food, and laughs it was time to hit the gym this am.

Today a kick but Tread Tabata was on tap!
Treads: 4,6,8,2
UpperBody: Bicep Curls, T Back Rows, T to Is, Push Ups
LowerBody: Split leg lunges on bench, Piston squats on bench, lunge with weighted press, squat hold.
Cardio: Lunge Jumps, Butt Kicks, Burpess, Rapid Squats.
Abs: Plank, V crunch, Reverse Crunch ( Hip Ups), Boat Pose.
Let me know if you try this workout!

Now I’m off to get this week started!
How was your weekend?
Did you do anything outside?
Are you loving this snow or over it?
How are you starting this week off healthy, happy, and smiling!