Easter 2015 Round Up

Easter! It’s flew by…but we did a lot! My knee is still bugging me, ugh annoying, but REST is good right, and Rest and the holiday’s go hand and hand. Since pictures are always more fun I will share our weekend in them. How was your Easter/ Passover/ Weekend?

On Saturday we started our Easter Weekend off Skiing… it was so sunny, beautiful and nice out! A got moved up to skiing with poles! We are so proud of you A and all your amazing skiing this year. A taking off on her own! J your hunting and Skiing skills are amazing! You both are just amazing! Do you ski? Did you grow up skiing?


Sunday was a little more low key, with church, a hunt, lots of food, and tons of CANDY for me…

Do the adults in your family still get baskets? Babies, adults, everyone gets a treat from the bunny in our family. T man was too little, and Pirate P will be joining us next year, so this year the hunt was between A and J and they loved it!  Clearly A found one of J’s eggs and was EXCITED! What is your favorite childhood Easter memory if you celebrated?

After getting some good stuff… we found two golden eggs… we headed inside for dinner!


We always celebrate the holiday’s with Italian food? Do you celebrate specific holidays with certain foods? As an as adult, I think next year we should have a wine hunt, and hunt for bottles of wine! Does your family have any adult vs. kid holiday traditions?

Almost Easter!

Happy Good Friday and Almost EASTER! I Love HOLIDAYS! and Easter well it’s just the BEST. I didn’t have the best start to my day…more in a second, but came to the office and saw these from my dear sweet boss.
April 3 f
I gave up candy for lent, and she made these to look like carrots adorable right?!?! I also saw this suggestion for an adult Easter basket and loved it via Cupcakes and Cashmere. Heavenly for an adult right?
April 3 aLast night I was getting in the Easter spirit but trying to do it the Gluten Free way… ha no it does not make Easter Cookies healthier when they are Gluten Free, but it does made them easier on my tummy! Did you know that Pillsbury makes a Funfetti® Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix. Just Epic, I know! Last night at about 10 pm we whipped these up, and ate a few of course! So yummy, and no the kids didn’t decorate those, I’m just that talented 🙂

Last night before cookie making, the creator- Kathy G came to Beantown Bootcamp to kick our butts with a Tread Tabata workout. We did some fun new moves, I kicked the speed to 12.4 ( yes a sub 5 min mile there people, I impressed myself ha- remember it’s only 20 seconds!) and got some nasty high hills in!
New moves from class I LOVED!
1. Ladder Hops- Hold a high plank, pretend you are hopping up a 3 ring ladder, close to you, further away, and then jumping close as possible to your hands.
2. Squat Thruster and a Boyband- Do a squat thruster, then jump latterally on one foot and repeat, then jump back the opposite way. Jumping back and forth landing on one foot, with a squat thruster in between.
3. 90 degree Crunch Pulse- lay on back, feet up and bend at 90 degrees, shoulders off the ground and crunch pulse at the top for 30 seconds, don’t let the shoulders come all the way down, just pulse up in that position. KILLER!

April 3 bThis morning I was up bright and early to hit the hills with Beantown, and the hills hit me, I finished 5 hills, and was almost in tears and my knee felt like it was about to give out from under me. This never happens, so I knew something was up- I cut the run, walked to the gym, and ice-iced-baby today. I am hoping it’s just an over doing injury and nothing more- since the Boston marathon is right around the corner. No running this weekend for me.
April 3 dMy oh no face, and here is to hoping rest and ice help- they do right? Please say they do! As an athlete I hate resting, but clearly I need it! What do you do to get rest when your mind fights you?
April 3 c
Clearly I was not a happy camper this morning, but resting, icing, and it will be fine-right?!?! It’s Good Friday, send good vibes my way Please! And a little Friday motivation for you..
April 3 e
What are your Easter/ Passover / Weekend Plans?

Any knee pain recovery suggestions?
Favorite Candy?
Holiday tradition you LOVE!