I’m Back…..

Sorry I have been MIA but I’m BACK…it’s been a Fantastic, but BUSY week!
Let’s start at Saturday Shall We… I went here and was an in store fitness model. They have instore event’s and Saturdays 3-4 they have fitness professionals in the windows doing their thing! Saturday that was me…I can’t wait to go back! It was so much fun, adults and kids alike start doing the moves with you, interacting with you, and just being awesome!

It was going to be a long day so I ate, ate, ate, and kept it HEALTHY! Also saw this quote and loved it!

Up next was Sunday, and this race…followed by Palm Sunday Mass. 20 waterfront miles done, with a great conversation and running partner. The race is stunning but the logistics are a little tricky, it’s point to point, and the 20 miler and half marathon start at different points. It’s amazing, but logistically it’s a lot of Buses.

then I moved on to…
If your catholic did you learn this as a kid? My grandmother taught me and I still do it. Palm Sunday Mass is longer then a typical mass in the Catholic Church, and is about Jesus’s  Crucifixion.
Monday morning started EARLY! I went for a run, and had a NIKE TRAINER AUDITION!

I was not selected by NIKE but it is just such an awesome experience to be included and to make it that far…and then I saw this and was reminded, that whatever is meant to be will be, and there is a plan for me out there that is going to be epic!
Then this week I had a roll over vacation day so I headed HERE to see this MOVIE.

Have you gone to the movies during the day? I went alone, and was legit one of the only people there, it was so relaxing! After I got to hit up Trader Joe’s for some flowers, and pick up some Core Power product aka Christmas in March for this Athlete… And I got to chill with T Man, life is good!

How is your week going?
Any good April Fools Jokes?
Favorite Movie!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I LOVE all holiday’s but this one I really love, it’s all about my people ha, and it’s just a fun day with family, friends, and green fun! I Love it and seriously can’t get enough of it. For A and J We do a little special something to start their day off ever so green and lucky! A Little Grenn Man visits them, and brings them treats to start their special day!
March 17 j
They were seriously head over heels in Love with their gifts, and so excited for school today!

For you I don’t have Treats but I do have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day workout for you:
March 17 h
Grab a timer, stop watch, phone: HAPPY ST. PATRICK’s DAY! Time/ Reps is listed next to the word.
HAPPY: 30 Seconds on 10 seconds rest.
H- High Knees
A- Arnold Dumbell Press, Hands Facing into eachother, and pressing from shoulders straight up.
P- Plank Hold
P- Plank Swivels ( working those obliques, feet are “glued together” in a plank)
Y- Your Pick
St. – 20 of each exercises.
S- Sit Ups
T- T’s to I’s with Free weghts arms are straight being them in front of you, then out to the sides.
PATRICK’S: 60 Seconds on, 25 Seconds Rest.
P- Plank Jacks
A- A$$ Taps, Tap your Bum to a bench, less then an inch off the bench, rapid taps.
T- Tricep Plank Hold
R- Renegade Row with Kettle Bells or Free Weights Alternating Arms
I- Inchworm
C- Cross Country Running in Place
K- Kirate Kick with Lunge Back:lung back then Kirate Kick out leg, switch legs half way.
S- Side Leg Raises, switch half way through.
DAY: 30 Seconds on 10 Seconds Rest.
D- Donkey Kicks
A- Alternating Hell Touches, shoulder blades off the ground, feet are at 90 degrees.
Y- Your Pick
March 17 k
Have the Happiest of Saint Patrick’s Day, Wear Some Green, Eat Some Green, Donate some Green! We celebrated this weekend by going to this Irish Bar and getting decked out and dancing!

Happy Happy DAY!
How do you celebrate?
Are you rocking Green today?