Wordy Thursday!

Today started out early for me, 4am Early! I had an airport drop off and decided I would head to the 5:30am Bootcamp at Beantown for today’s Hills and Drills. It was running the Beacon Hill Hills ( 4 of them) for a specific set of time, with a drill in between. I always need a solid PUSH to get to the hills, so this class helps motivate me, and I was either 1. Deliriously tired or 2. Insanely motivated that I stayed for two rounds of the hills, for a total of 24 Hills. My legs were shaky by the end and my speed was not pretty but I covered about 8 miles of solid hills without having a heart attack ( which I felt like was a possibility!)I also deviated from my Pineapple flavor of choice SKRATCH and tried the Raspberry flavor and loved it! Skratch is great because it’s made from real fruit and real fruits sugars, so yes it has more calories ( but they are real calories!) and it also has carbohydrates to give you that extra umph you need when pushing your body to the max.   Core Power was chugged legit seconds upon finishing as I was starving!


I am 110% addicted to candy, and typically okay with that, but with summer and attempting some big races this fall ( Spartan Beast , 100 on 100, Reach the Beach, Marine Corps Marathon ) I am “trying” to watch the 7am Gummy Bear and Star Burst Consumption. I mentioned HERE that I stopped into this store earlier this week for some healthy inspiration! I picked up this Gluten Free Granola and tried it this morning! It was fantastic, I loved it, and ended up eating it straight from the bag.


Tomorrow is one of my sisters birthdays!You can wish her a happy birthday week- I’ll pass it along! last night we got to celebrate the kick off to her birthday with a little Mexican party! She loves Mexican food, it’s great for large families, and the kids were in amazing moods, so really it was a perfect night. Plus there was cake! I again attempted a “healthier cake” option and we went with the fruit tort cake, and it was a huge hit! ( * not sure how healthy is actually is, but it has fruit on it, so it’s got to be healthy right?!?).

Happiest of Birthday’s KaKa

It’s summer and the City of Boston and The Public Health Commission want to help make you healthy this summer! Check out all the FREE Fitness Events they are offering this summer in Boston. Beantown Bootcamp hosts free bootcamps at Christopher Columbus Park on Friday mornings at 6:30am-7:30am. Come join the fun tomorrow! Take the first steep towards a healthy lifestyle, and show up. You will be motivated by others, to help acheive a healthy lifestyle and our friends at CORE POWER ZICO COCONUT WATERHONEST TEA and many more will be there handing out product to help motivate a healthy lifestyle! june12sSpeaking of free fitness in the city this summer ( if the weather holds up) some friends and I are going to go to yoga at Frog Pond tonight! It’s free on Thursday nights this summer at Frog Pond and all you need to do is bring your mat ( and in my case no expectations, because I can barely touch my toes!) You can find out more about it here.


Any new foods I must try?

Any new work outs you are loving?

Happy thursday!

Wild Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I love holiday weeks because they make the week fly by, I keep thinking it’s only Monday and here were are at Wednesday. I love love love that!

I figured I would suggest a little work out for you today! It’s rainy, yes and easy to skip a run outside because it’s rainy, but don’t do it! Your going to sweat anyways, so what’s a little rain. Throw on a hat, and get out there, rain or shine.

Dirty 30 in 30

Dirty 30 in 30

And in case you need a little more motivation to work out in the rain, why not join CitySports and Beantown Bootcamp on the Greenway in the North End tonight from 6-7pm. It’s a great work out that is for FREE.

Free Bootcamps!

Free Bootcamps!

I’ll hang out with you, in the rain for FREE. ha I mean if that doesn’t get you out there tonight I don’t know what will! Sign Up HERE.

Do you LOVE Pizza?I try and avoid the Gluten, and do eat Gluten Free Pizza when I can, but sometimes you just love plan old regular pizza right? I can take no credit for the Pizza’s we had last night, my sister is a cooking pro, seriously if she wasn’t a dentist I would say she should open a restaurant. For Gluten Free Pizzawe buy these guys, and for Regular Pizza we opt for these.

Pizza Night

Pizza Night

So we did this crazy easy sounding thing at the gym last night. You could put the bike on no resistance and peddle fast, or high resistance and peddle slow, but you had to burn 20 calories in 2 mins. That sounded so easy, I thought it was a joke. It was not easy. and it was not a joke. I almost died by the 4th round of it. If you try it let me know your thoughts!

Also I have been enjoying these ice cubes in my coffee in the morning! I think they will be a new staple to my summer routine. I LOVE Iced Coffee! and I Love Core Power so it’s pretty much an amazing combination!

Core Power Ice Coffee

Core Power Ice Coffee