Happy Thursday…we should celebrate its a Thursday right? Last night I went home and had dinner with my parents, which was so nice but makes for a longggkggg day, aka a 4 am wake up, to be in the city by 5 am to teach my first class. Also today I came into the office (I know two times in one week, WHAT) ha. But yes office life is a little more messy looking then home office work…anyone else’s office look this, well, hmmm, organized chaos?!?
FullSizeRender 2
ha busy looking right…I know, ha but it works for me, and yes the kiddos take over some prime real estate, but it makes me smile on snowy/ rainy/ dark days in the office to see their little faces…and speaking of snow…this happened today!
It’s the real stuff, maybe winter is FINALLY here…I love the snow, I just don’t love the cold weather without the snow. And when you are all bundled up its not too bad, it makes me happy to feel like we live in a snow globe…I know that will probably fade soon, but for now I love the winter wonderland feel.
Still rocking my Green Smoothie love affair, and it seriously has been filling me up pretty well, I still need some snacks and lots of water in between this and lunch but so far I love it as a green clean start to my day! I also am working with the Juicery on some fun promotions, so stay tuned! Speaking of healthy fun little daily treats have you heard of

It’s $15.00 and you get some fun samples, coupons and recipes, it’s how I find out about a bunch of fun new companies, snacks, and new to me treats. Somethings I love, and they are my new go to treats, other’s I don’t and they make fun little gifts and samples for friends and family. It’s a fun way to try new things. Let me know if you try it out and your thoughts! And with the snow coming…a few leg burning moves you only need your body for!

You can add in the punches, no punches, go fast, go slower and focus on form, just mix it up, and that heart rate will be pounding, and you won’t even need to steep outside!

What are your weekend plans? We are going to the Celtics Friday

What books are you reading? I need a good one!

Any winter treats/ rewards you give yourself for surviving snowy days? 

Easter 2015 Round Up

Easter! It’s flew by…but we did a lot! My knee is still bugging me, ugh annoying, but REST is good right, and Rest and the holiday’s go hand and hand. Since pictures are always more fun I will share our weekend in them. How was your Easter/ Passover/ Weekend?

On Saturday we started our Easter Weekend off Skiing… it was so sunny, beautiful and nice out! A got moved up to skiing with poles! We are so proud of you A and all your amazing skiing this year. A taking off on her own! J your hunting and Skiing skills are amazing! You both are just amazing! Do you ski? Did you grow up skiing?


Sunday was a little more low key, with church, a hunt, lots of food, and tons of CANDY for me…

Do the adults in your family still get baskets? Babies, adults, everyone gets a treat from the bunny in our family. T man was too little, and Pirate P will be joining us next year, so this year the hunt was between A and J and they loved it!  Clearly A found one of J’s eggs and was EXCITED! What is your favorite childhood Easter memory if you celebrated?

After getting some good stuff… we found two golden eggs… we headed inside for dinner!


We always celebrate the holiday’s with Italian food? Do you celebrate specific holidays with certain foods? As an as adult, I think next year we should have a wine hunt, and hunt for bottles of wine! Does your family have any adult vs. kid holiday traditions?