Back to reality!

Holy snow, and more snow, and more snow! It was a real “welcome back to reality” to shovel and shovel and more shoveling after being on the beach all weekend!

At least the city does look beautiful!
We were in Florida this past weekend for a dear friends Bachelorette and oh boy oh boy was it fun! Luckily the W hotel we stayed at offered some really amazing complimentary beach glasses, so we got to be a little “healthy” while having fun in the sun!


I took yoga one day, went on a long run one day and did beach bootcamp anger morning. Bootcamp on the beach was so hard, you really needed to work on your balance, and running in the sand is not joke! We spend most of the days with a cocktail in hand by the pool. Life is good!


The group of girls was such fun, the sun came out, and the cocktails were beyond yummy! Maybe too yummy as I felt like I had a 2 day hangover come Monday, but we only live once, and need to enjoy every once in awhile right. Monday was spend at the gym getting back on track, green smoothie drinking, and shoveling!

Reality and routine are nice but I am over shoveling! If your stuck inside today here are a few fun plank moves you can do to get a full body workout!
1. Plank hold
2. Plank mountian climbers
3. Plank pulses
4. Plank grasshoppers
5. Side plank hold right side
6. Plank supermans
7. Side plank hold left side
8. Plank with shoulder taps ( hold plank tap opposite hand to opposite shoulder).
9. Plank alternating leg lifts
10. Plank hold.
Do each for 25 seconds take as much needed rest between, repeat the cycle as many times as you want.
Bonus finish with 10 push ups…but! Lower down on the push up to the count of 3 and push up to the count of 4! It’s a killer! I love refueling wit CorePower, and in all this snow I always have a cold one on hand!

I know I post on my recovery and the importance of it but so is diet and protein! I am not a huge eggs fan but I am trying in 2015! I have made a compromise with egg whites, and using a thick veggie like broccoli! Perfect little recovery start to my Tuesday, new magazine, healthy breakfast and a coffee…always need my coffee! Today was a work from home day as the MBTA is closed, but I was out shoveling at 5 in the gym by 5:30 and teaching at 6:30….busy day and I need to fuel it right!

How was your weekend?
Are you over shoveling?
Do you do ab work?
Any future fun trips planned?
How are you eating healthier in 2015?

Summer were holding on to you…

Are you guys ready for fall, or holding onto summer a little longer?
I LOVE summer, but also LOVE FALL. I love layering, and sweaters, and APPLE Picking, and Pumpkin Anything ( except Pumpkin Pie, I hate that- weird right?), Love colder morning runs, and hot coffee, I love warm blankets and a good book, I like the pace is slower but in a different way then summer.

A big sign summer is closing for us is Pool Draining Day. Summers were spent for me at the pool, I was a fish as a kid, so I love seeing A and J do the same things and enjoy what my brother and sisters and I loved so much. When we were kids the pool would actual drain, and get lower and lower by the hour, now it just closes for the season still filled with water and covered. But they still have toys ( usually never allowed in the pool) food allowed on the pool deck (also never allowed) a BBQ and tons of games. We love this day, but it also means summer is moving into Fall.

We also had a party after the Pool Draining Party, so it was a wild Sunday for us. The party had an Ice Cream truck, face panting, and beautiful views!
Pool Draining3 Pool Draining9
Needless to say I was TIRED come Monday! I worked my upper body and Abs on
Monday and then did a beautiful, easy 5 miler with my friend on Tuesday morning. It is getting so nice and crisp in the mornings, but now I struggle with what to wear. Any other runners struggle with clothing for the change of seasons?

when in doubt Rock NEON

When in doubt Rock NEON

I also got to see this speaker on Monday night, Dr. Robert Wicks. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak I highly recommend it and you can see his speaking schedule here. If he isn’t coming to an area near you then I highly recommend as well reading on of his many books.
Robert Wicks 1
He was speaking on how we can be more helpful in our loved ones lives, but simply listening and taking a steep back. He spoke on how we need to be there and listen but if we get too wrapped in others dark times it can bring us down and we are no help to others. He also spoke on sharing your joy and love for life with those who need it, don’t push it on the angry or expect everyone to be grateful for you in their lives. He spoke on the friends we need in life, someone who challenges us, someone who cheers for us, someone who makes us laugh at ourselves and someone who inspires us. I have different friends who all add these wonderful elements to my life and am extremely grateful for that. He spoke on the simple action of listening and being there when people need you and how listening is much more important then taking and advice giving sometimes.

Do you like listening to speakers/ lectures?

What is your favorite fall activity?

Do you love/ hate Neon clothing?

What marks the changing of seasons for you?