Oh Running…I do LOVE you

Happy Thursday!
Are you pumped it Thursday? I am because I am heading to NYC to Celebrate a fantastic ladies birthday! Can’t wait C it’s your year!

Happy Happy Birthday C

Happy Happy Birthday C

Tonight S, A and I are heading here and I can’t wait to try some yummy new dishes!


Checking this lovely out with A and S tonight

Today started out with doing a nice like Tread Tabata workout myself at 5:30 followed by teaching my rock star 6:30 Crew.

Join the Tread Tabata FUN

Join the Tread Tabata FUN

Got 4 mins? Try these ABS moves, 25 seconds on of each 5 seconds rest, repeat cycle twice.
1. Plank rotation with arm coming under belly( right arm first, left arm next round)
2. Plank mountain climbers
3. Plank hold
4. Plank Grass Hoppers

Need a little more motivation to get back in the gym, check this video out, it’s perfect! #Loveit

How fantastic is that? Can you relate or what! I love it ha, cracked me right up!

This video made me beyond proud to be a runner, to be running Boston again this year, and to get to share this day with these rockstars. I am not going to lie I teared up with pride watching this.

Do you want the marathon in person? On TV? Are you excitied for the 2015 Team USA field.

This post on 22 Annoying Things Runners Say also made me laugh! A few top picks for me that I 110% say/ do ALL.THE.TIME  are:
4. Flood your social media feed with pictures of our running watches.
6. Bring our running shoes on vacation.
16. Say things like, “I have to leave early; I’ve got a long run in the morning.”
20. Wear weird things like compression sleeves and hydration belts while we run.
22. Assume that everyone is as obsessed with running as we are.
Any relate to you? Ha I can relate to most!

What are your weekend Plans?

How is your 2015 going?

Tell me something funny!


Holiday Weekend Round Up

Happy Happy Holiday’s and Monday!
How was your weekend?
I am still deathly ill ( its been a week!) and have not done any exercise besides Abs and sleeping, and still can’t believe how sick I feel. Hoping to do some LIGHT cardio tomorrow!
On Friday night I took Miss A to see the Nutcracker at the Opera House in Boston. We were in the 3rd row, amazing seats and she did a phenomenal for a five year old with an ear infection. This is a special annual tradition that she and I go, and it did not disappoint

Then on Sunday we headed in for a new Christmas tradition with Little J. We went to the Hampshire House, for a brunch and a Gingerbread Making Workshop. The adult tickets are a little pricey $50.00 and the children are $30.00, which isn’t bad, however, the kids were beyond excitied about the candy and decorating so no brunch was consumed. They had an absolute blast, now I just want to go back and do it with friends and cocktails!

This weekend also included a fun Church Fair that my dear friend H and her mom were displaying at. If you are looking for beautiful handmade holiday gifts for babies, toddlers and loved ones check out these adorable options.

Endorsed by Santa!

Endorsed by Santa!

I also had a Holiday Party, and check out this beautiful tree! I absolutely love Christmas and Trees like this ( this is fake, crazy right? Looks so real!) Do you get a tree? Real or fake? I also got my first Christmas card this week, made me so happy!

I am looking forward to seeing this this week.

These Trees this week.

Strolling in the Holiday Spirit here this week.

What are some fun holiday plans you have this week?