Tuesday Snowday…Juno has arrived, a quick at home workout for you and some foodie fun!

Hello Mr. snow!
How are you all fairing in the storm? I felt like we didn’t get much but then opened to front door and saw we were somewhat “snowed in”.

Did you get lots of snow? No snow? Wind? Damage? Power out? Hope everyone is safe and snuggled up watching the news, with a tea or warm treat!

Today I did not try to go out in the storm for a run ( although we did venture out last night for a run) today I stayed inside and did 10 mins of abs and 10 mins of chest.

ABS were 30 seconds straight:
Leg drops, slowly lower legs to ground( don’t let feet touch the ground)
Flutter Kicks ( keep back on ground and legs high- working the lower abs)
Scissor Kicks on back with legs low
Mountian Climbers ( slow down the legs and focus on engaging abs)
Alternating Toe Touches
Russian Twists ( add weight if you want)
Plank Hold
Side Plank Right
Side Plank Left
Repeat cycle

Next up is chest and back! Just grab a towel!
Grab a timer and set it for 30 seconds. We have 4 exercises to do. Try to do 5-10 sets.
1. Bear Crawls- crawl on all 4s
2. Superman with a towel hold- lay on stomach, tension on the towel and pull shoulders and chest off ground and arms apart.
3. Wide Push Ups- modify on knees – hands wide.
4. Towel Rows- start in squat position, tension on the towel being pulled by hands and row up to chest, then extend arms down straight, repeat.
And because what snow day would be complete without a peek from the little man, he is ready for the storm, and ready to ride it out comfy style in his PJs.

He looks pretty happy all snuggled up doesn’t he!
During a storm what do you end up doing? I decided to try a new recipe today and it had a little tropical theme to it, Curry Pineapple Quinoa Salad.

What’s your favorite go to recipe? What’s a new recipe you have tried and loved? Any I should try today while I am house bound? We are also going to attempt to build today ( wish us luck)!


How will you enjoy your snow day? At home, hopefully sledding!
Are you cooking today? Might make some baked goods later!
Will you workout at home, attempt to brave the storm, or take a rest day Done!
Coffee, Tea or Hot Coco? All three I love but coffee wins for early mornings!
Are you good at assembling furniture? No I am horrible at it, today could be BAD!

Happy Monday and Juno

So we have some snow coming to Boston are you ready? If you live in Boston, you can get immediate alerts on the storm via the City of Boston.
City of Boston Snow Center
Travel Ban
Snow Parking Info

Storm Pre Food aka Wine

Storm Pre Food aka Wine

This am I got a great workout in, and am ready to count hours of shoveling as my workout for tomorrow. I will be working from home which is a nice little treat, and makes for a comfy day of tea, and hopefully a home workout. I just signed up for 3 months of home workouts with Move Me Fit.  So I am excitied to be motivated by the storm to try a few of them out. Do you do any home workouts? Any you love? Any you hate?

Home workouts? Love or Hate them?

Home workouts? Love or Hate them?

On Saturday I went to a 45 min Abs class and I am pretty sure my Abs are still store. We did some planks on the bosu ball, reverse crunches, hollow rock’s, and some other fun but basic things but the time and focus on the abs was hard, and make it hard to laugh even today ( 2 days later!). One new crunch move I LOVE is get in a crunch position on the floor, staying on one side use your hands and crunch up to your kneecap, so your hand run up your leg to the top of your kneecap, after 30 switch sides, it burns but is amazing!

Abs are still sore from Saturday.

Abs are still sore from Saturday.

Last night we had a great family dinner, and T man was amazing as always, he will be 2 weeks on Tuesday! He’s seriously the best, and when my dad holds him my heart explodes ( it literally feels like it does!) with so much happiness and blessings.

These guys seriously are just the best!
My family is really good about doing family get together, and nights like last night just make me so grateful. You know that feeling when your just so happy with life and you can’t stop smiling, last night was one of those nights.
With the snow coming here are two workouts I just read that I think would be perfect at home. If you don’t have weights improvise, soup can’s, water…you get the idea!
Core Fusion Abs Workout
No Time Workout
….and today this song came on while walking to work and I was brought right back to HS. Do you ever have those Flashbacks with a song?

oh HS Flashbacks...

oh HS Flashbacks…

Stay Safe in the Snow…

Favorite at home workout?

Family Time annoys you or you love it?

Favorite HS throwback song?

How much snow do you think we will get?