I’m Still ALIVE

worst blogger of all time?
or just living life?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…maybe both. 
but I was having the summer of Cara this summer and honestly enjoying every busy second of it, and when I didn’t blog for a few days it turned into a few weeks, and then well a few months… opps… But I want to try in October to get back into it, share my life, and some updates. So lets quick recap, photo style.

I ran the Killington Spartan Beast
Got a new apartment (and new roommate, he’s pretty great)
W turned 1, #oldman
Traveled a bunch… Arizona, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Vermont
Minnesota, Texas, California, Philly, and Tahoe…yea its been airline miles for the win!
Didn’t run 1 road race- opps, maybe I’ll get the fall bug?
Swam in the ocean three times
Ice Cream Daily…. yup!

So I will be back, slowly but surly and with some good fun stuff, but off to unpack, and repack, and be a better blogger 🙂

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