Hello Friday…

Hello Friday….
Have you heard this song…I love it, and play it on all day’s even non Fridays.
How perfect of a Friday is it where you are, this day is amazing here! It started out with my 5:30am class and looked like rain, but they crushed their pre sunrise miles, and hit the speeds for some sprints. Are you an early riser?
One of my favorite times to run is before the sun rises, its so peaceful, quiet and while the world sleeps you get to crush your goals, and achieve your dreams- there is something cool about that, just knowing your one steep closer, because you picked to rise and grind. The 6:30am crew was no joke as well…and we had a bridal day. How awesome and fun is that! Her wedding is on Saturday and she picked to get her sweat on with her girls…love that!
IMG_2205I don’t usually have a 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30am Friday class, and if I do sometimes I repeat some of the locations, exercises, or spots we hit, but even after limited sleep I was feeling creative, and we moved around, so the 4 hours this am, flew by. ( Full disclosure I got home and napped after :)). We hit the stairs…

Followed by some sprints, and jump ropes…this “new to me spot” is a favorite, it takes you by the water- major perk! Isn’t too crowded, has stair, and benches for push ups, dips, box jumps, ect…

Last night we checked out the Boston Calling Block Party in Dewey Square…It was chilly, but so fun to just be outside, in a “green space” and enjoy some wine/ beer that wasn’t insanely expensive. Every Thursday 5-8 they have a live band, the farmers market is right there, they have lawn games, and its just super fun, relaxed location. Have you been?
It’s also a super easy location to meet friends at since it’s right by South Station, super T easily assessable, and it’s right on the waterfront as well as the finial district, and the shock tops are $4, thats a pretty solid deal in Boston. The crowds were not also insane, maybe because it was early in the season, but it was not overwhelmingly busy which I love.
Super easy to meet people at, super fun, and super low key, you should go next Thursday if I was here I 110% would go with you 🙂 I sort of am a huge fan of outdoor fun, and if you can enjoy a few cocktails with friends outside, it’s a super plus!

What are your weekend plans?
Favorite Summer drink?
Workout in the am/ pm?
Stairs for running, love them or hate them?

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