I love Ice Cream, and tricky workout moves

Hello Thursday…..
1. I think all days should start with Avocado Smashed Toast…like I legit will most likely be poor, but my tummy will be filled with this goodness so thats all okay right.
IMG_2180Like as long as were filled were happy right, who cares if it costs $8 and we can’t make rent ๐Ÿ™‚ It was yummy in the moment, correct?!?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also another thing I think that i filling my belly today still from last night is #IceCream! We went to the Scooper Bowl last night and holy yummy ice cream. You get to walk around, on a perfect summer night, sample ice cream, and support an amazing charity…go today, or tonight, it’s worth it! It’s legit a “kick off” to summer in my mind for me.

Sorry now your hungry, I know sorry, but you should go and check it out, it’s worth it, and supports an amazing cause, and fills that belly with yummy ice cream. And now that it looks like all I do is eat, ha, a new move workout, the Single Leg Burpee…Get ready for that balance to be thrown and that agility tested.

I got thrown around a few times in the gym with this balance move, its a starter lunge + a 1 legged burpee = a perfect move! Let me know your thoughts? Too hard, just right, or you are watching the above video and laughing waiting for me to fall ha. I wasn’t that insane making my 5:35 rock starts do that move, but they did kick booty on the treads and the floor today, and crushed their workout.ย Favorite Move today:ย 1 plank climber + 1 Push Up.ย 

These boys legit are 8 months apart and look like they could be twins to me…those faces, and props to my BIL who took both babies and left the house yesterday, he said they “talked” to each other the whole walk. I can only imagine the amount of adorable overload that happened while these two were together. I feel so lucky to be their auntie and watch them grown up together, and can’t wait to see them in HS together..it’s the start of something great.ย IMG_2142-1
And in case babies aren’t your thing…(but seriously you probably wouldn’t enjoy this blog if you didn’t like smiling babies…) our puppy Charlie, he started puppy school this week, he is still a puppy (AKA a cutie but can be a pain sometimes :)) And he is already learning quickly.
This weekend is busy for us….
We have a message here.
We have a beautiful wedding here.
W is being Baptized Sunday here.ย 
And plans to see this Band Friday night.ย 
What are your weekend fun plans? Any road races? Travels? Fun new restaurants/ or ice cream flavors you’ll be sampling?ย 

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