This weather!

This weather is AMAZING!
Summer feels like it is here to stay!
I trained a client this am, then headed out for my run (I wasn’t even going to run) but the temps were Perfect and the ocean was calling my name!

As I type up this post, I’m enjoying some eggs and broccoli. What do you eat post run? I have a tough time sometimes eating specific foods, but if it not too hot, I can usually do some eggs, when its hot its smoothie time all the time.
IMG_2131 copy
Super quick, simple and in my belly before I know it and ready to recover for my next adventure! Yesterday was another perfect Summer Day! We hit up the pool late afternoon…and even for the hour it was perfect. Tuesday’s are busy for me, between teaching 4 classes, working, and trying to enjoy a little bit of summer it’s a juggling act. But we managed it all yesterday, and I remembered to eat lunch…winning!

We are luckily enough to have a pool right by us so even if its just an hour, the kids can shake their legs out, swim a little, and enjoy some sunshine with us. W also came down for a quick dip. I feel beyond blessed, even when I have worked three weeks straight no days off, to get a few hours with these little smiles. And A learned to dive yesterday! We are so so proud of you miss A.

We are amazed by your skills little A and J your going to be amazing swimmers! You already are. Do you guys ever swim for a workout?
My goal this summer is a 45 min swim season 1 time a week, that seems doable right?  Wish me luck!

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