Summer is here and it’s here to stay!

Hello Summer..
Thank you for coming back…
We love your daylight, your sunrises, and your warm skies!
These sunrises, my oh my, they make 4:30 was ups, so much prettier. Not easier but 110% prettier…but these people, these athletes and amazing people, they make those wake ups all worth it. They crushed 10% inclines and wind sprints today like they were professional athletes, because in my eyes (and hopefully their eyes) they are!
Everyday, they crush their goals, they give it 110% and they never stop pushing and smiling! Thank you guys for making my days (and my job) all that and then some. Watching you crush and chase those goals inspires me like you will never know. Come join the fun, set a goal, train with us, and crush it! My weekend was also filled with some of these other amazing people in my life…AKA SPARTA!

These Kids, are another whole level of inspiration, motivation, and happiness! Also these ladies are pretty much the best or the best and help me survive race day, and life on the daily! And then finally these people… These little kiddos are my whole world!

We have officially kicked off summer with afternoon pool pit stops, even a quick hour with these smiles is all I need, they are the best of the best little people, with the best giggles and smiles, my heart literally bursts with happiness when I am around them…and we crushed the diving board yesterday!
So here is to you summer we salute you…

And little J wasn’t sure about the jump, but he did it, and he faced those fears and now is head over heels a big kid, and doesn’t need any of us in the water to catch him, way to be a big man little J, 5 is your year!

And lets not forget out littlest athletes, he rocked our 5 mile run yesterday, sleeping, and singing the whole five miles, it was warm and he just was so content watching the world go by, we got to get our sweat on, and enjoy a little just us time on the roads.

What are your big summer goals?
Any travel plans?
Any Races?
Are you a beach or a pool person?


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