My Tuesday and MY PYT Jam

Hello Hump Day!
Welcome back… And it also means we are half way through the week and back into the weekend, what what! Weekends are my fav for many reasons, but mostly because I get some “me time” for a class, to create a workout, or jam out to some new music…and I got some good tunes for you…like this guy! My PYT . Did you go listen? And you love it….
…but for reals who doesn’t want to be a Pretty Young Thang… this jam is on over drive in the gym for us.
And in case My PYT isn’t your jam this week, here is my new list(which you can find up in here user name cara.bednar .

Let me know if you have any playlist suggestions, it’s hard finding a good balance of new and good oldies, so I love suggestions for my workouts! Yesterday and today were simply beautiful out, and I wore real clothing, so obviously here is a photo for you.
I know, real clothing, the sun was out, and I went to the office…wild Tuesday up in Boston happening…I also go to celebrate a birthday dinner with miss J at Silver Tones in Boston. 1. If you like or love Mac and Cheese and have never been go, like now, go its lunchtime you can make it 🙂 2. Its a really good first date spot – since it has tables but everything is in “the bar” area so its alive but not too crazy loud. 3. Don’t worry I put on workout clothing for dinner so look like a slop but these ladies make the photo look pretty!
IMG_1745And to off set the Mac and Yummy and the amazing bubble rose I have been “Hubwaying” aka Boston’s Bike system to / from places, also the MBTA (the T) is gross in the summer, so I have been bike commuting…I look like a total dork and tourist ha but I don’t care one little bitty!
IMG_1738Also as you have learned previously, I know have the basic understanding of snap chat, lets say basic since I legit have to ask everyone “is this snap worthy” or “how do I send this to so and so” ha, but it’s a valid attempt and it’s happening! And in other world breaking news…today is National Running Day! Did you Run? I laced up my favorite Topo’s and hit the high sea’s this morning, and cruised some beautiful am miles in.
I love starting my mornings off teaching, but Wednesdays are my personal training day’s, and no scheduled classes, and I do love getting those clients in, and getting my own workout in, also sleeping beyond 4:30 is pretty dope too. It also mean’s that I get to attend things like Pre K graduations, and first grade sing alongs, and be there for all the little moments for my favorite little people. So today we celebrate Miss A and her spring festival. (We can’t post photo’s at the school due to some parents requests against Social Media- so you get photos of us in the parking lot- its the same thing right ha).

  1. Can you believe the boys are actually almost 9 months apart, and the one in light blue it the actual baby.
  2. How amazing does our Nona look? Legit amazing right! Wine and Chocolate and Jesus.
  3. We clearly dig stripes today!

One Final thing today…. I saw this post and wanted to share!
My two words were BE STRONG
What would your two words to a younger version of you be?

Happy Wednesday,
Go enjoy this amazing day and get a run in! 

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