Memorial Day Weekend Round Up!

Hello Tuesday (even if you feel like a Monday)- Thank G for Holiday Weekend!

How was your weekend?Β 
Ours was a “stay cation” and it was actually super nice! We Kind of did the no plans, make plans as we go, and do as much as possible. Two things I did learn this weekend 1. Do what makes you happy, and makes those around you happy, even if it’s reading in bed and having a lazy morning.
2. Get your body moving, even on a long lazy weekend, get moving, if your like me, you need to break a sweat to keep sane… A quick video for you to get your heart pumping!

We also have two new household rules, implemented this weekend. 1. You have 30 seconds to think about if you are at fault, if you are, you hug that person first, if you think they are at fault, you get that 30 seconds to think about what you want to say, and then you hug it out. Either way your both getting those hugs, and your talking it out. 2. Do something active and outdoors once a week, with someone or something you love, the baby, the dog, nature, whatever it is, get moving in the daylight once a week. Even if you hate working out, or if you love it, its a chance to try something new, enjoy the sunshine, and just explore and navigate without the noise of everyday life. Heck Plank on a boardwalk if it makes you smile!
Onto the fun parts of our weekend…We explored a new town, went to the pool, went to a BBQ, went to some classes, went on a rainy day run, ate some healthy eats, and some not so healthy ones, drank some yummy beers, enjoyed some sunsets, and some smiling birthday babes!


Avocado toast might be a favorite of mine, right along there with the Lemon Luna Bars! Straight loving to my heart. We also tried a new raspberry beer from Brewers Fork for the win.

Some runs took place, outside in the rain and a packed full house of athletes on Saturday at MyStryde. Have you guys tried Mystryde? $10 for the first class or they are on too. Check them and my classes there out. And…. I finished Girl on the Train, and learned how to SnapChat. What What!!!!!

It was an intense learning experience at the bar as you can see, and the book was soon good! Have you read it? Now I need a new book suggestion please πŸ™‚ To top off the week, we enjoyed some sunsets, some cocktails, and some pool side fun!

And …a day trip to Glouchester/ Rockport/ Essex…Β it was a great few days off, even with the weather on/ off it was still a great weekend! Have you guys been to Woodman’s?!?!? We love it there, even if its a tourist trap its the best kind there is, and they catered my sisters wedding so I sort of love it there, and they were in Grown Ups two during the “Chocolate Wasted” scene.

And finally we finished off our weekend celebrating A and J and their birthday’s! They turned 5 and 7 earlier this year, so they had their Party in the Park on Sunday, and even with the cooler temps it was a blast to see them and watch them enjoy their special day!

How was your weekend?
Any good reads?
Any fun trips planned for the summer?
Restaurant spots we need to check out on the North Shore?
Have you tried Fitreserve?

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