Boston Marathon Recap

Wow…the stories I keep reading and seeing are AMAZING about the Boston Marathon…simply amazing! So proud of these athletes, running for themselves, their recovery, charities, teams, they are just simply inspiring and amazing! This year I didn’t run…I spectated and I was nervous I would hate it…and struggle with it…but I LOVED it. I love running, but I love inspiring others too!
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Getting to see my amazing friends, strangers, and other fan’s cheering their hearts out and runners running with their legs, lungs and hearts was so inspiring! We went to mile 18 and I got to see EVERYONE and make some new friends. Charlie was also the biggest hit of the marathon. He needs a hashtag…
Welcome to the C Town Little Man, and welcome to us now having 100000 new friends everywhere we go. Charlie is a popular little man, and he rocked Marathon Monday like a champ!

It was just an all round awesome day and is motivating me to train for a fast half or a fall full this year…Suggestions on fall races you love? We are thinking Newport Road Island, close, and small, but also so much fun!

Did you run Boston this year?


Have you run Bosotn?


Do you dream of running Boston?

One thought on “Boston Marathon Recap

  1. I did run. I didn’t get my number until Feb. 18th. Up until that time I had been doing up to 10 mile long runs, just for fun. Once I got my number I had 8 weeks to get in real long runs.
    I knew going into the race I was under trained and I had three injuries that could hit me at any time.
    Fortunately the heat didn’t bother me and my injuries never flared up.
    I managed to run my 2nd best Boston ever and my injuries feel better than ever! Must be that Boston Magic. This was my 7th Boston.

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