Chicago Goals are a GO

Happy Thursday!
Some Big Goals coming at ya! Well big for me goals.
I have set some big goals for my self this weekend- and I am excited for them!
1. I love the training for a marathon. Structure. Tough Workouts. Fighting through. Love love love it! Especially those runs with my running buddy! So if Chicago is a bust, that’s cool, I can train all over again! That’s truly the best part about doing something you love everyday!
So with that said, am I nervous? Yes! Goals are meant to be lofty, big and scary, that’s why they are goals! They push us out of our comfort zone. My running coach recommended I make a list of all the hard workouts I have done and when nerves this week get the best of me, read and reread it!
IMG_2349 2
So there is lots of speed workouts in there (and speedy for me miles) but not as many long runs as I would like. And I am okay with that. I had a life with this training cycle, a new travel life, a new work / life balance, so it was a “learning” training cycle, but I feel good I feel ready, and feel like I can hit these goal miles. I sent this quote to my running buddy this week because it hit home for me…
FullSizeRender 2
Fear…it’s learned…it’s not there, we let it be there, we should just embrace what we love. And fear is something that holds us back! I don’t want to hold back in Chicago I want to crush it. I want to go in there running sneakers blazing and if I blow it, I just leave the race with an “opps” over an “I should have”. Your mind can be a tough thing in any race…but 26.2 miles it can get you thinking, rethinking, and over thinking. So if a negative, a slow it down though pops in my head I will push through it, “fast and stead” “smooth and flat” those are my motos for Sunday’s race.
I also plan on thinking and dedicating my miles to people who make my running, and life so fantastic. In class my athletes give it 110% so they are defiantly getting some miles. The kiddo’s and teaching them you can do anything, 110% get some miles. Friends with injuries and sickness, you bet I am thinking of them with every steep I take.

So Chicago I am coming for you…
I am giving you 110% of me…
I’m leaving it all out there….

If you are racing this weekend good luck! Run with your heart when your legs give out. It’s the head and the heart that can push miles beyond the legs!


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