New Fall Flow…

Happy Start to Fall…
Not that I am ready to say goodbye to Summer, but I do love all things Pumpkin, Runs in Cooler/ Breathable weather, sitting outside and breathing in the fresh air…these are all major plus points for me and fall. Fall also means a little more juggling and balancing for me. So this week, I took some moments to enjoy even when I was working, and headed to the greenway in Boston to get some computer work in!
It was great to be outside, getting work done and not straight up melting! Being in Boston also meant I got to see this little nugget and travel to the North End for some yummy treats!
Being at home has perks beyond work, food, and family, it also means I can get back on a strength training and running schedule. This year has been busy and crazy fun, but training has been hard, intense, tiring, and sometimes just not happening. So when I get a week I can get in the gym, get some strength in and feel powerful I LOVE it!

What are you most excited for this fall?
What are you being for Halloween?
Will you do a fall halloween race?
I love all things Pumpkin what is the best thing I should try this fall!

And one last note…somedays even the best of us have hard mornings…your not alone…keep moving forward, smiling, it will get better (I promise Wiley :))!

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