Summer your here…now stay!

Hello Summer…you took awhile to get here, but your here now never leave!

photo 1Summer for our family is less travel, more BBQs, swims, boat rides, and just fun! What is your summer bucket list?
Summer Bucket List 2015
Attend an outdoor bootcamp that I DONT teach!
Make s’mores
Go to a North End Italian Festival
Travel to somewhere I have not been for FUN not work
Beach Yoga
Paddle Board
Run a just for fun road race without a watch
Take a spin class
Jump in the ocean once a week
Enjoy more FroYo and Ice Cream
Go to the Boston Harbhor Islands
Go to the Boston Harbhor Hotel for a Music Night
See an outdoor movie in the park
Make a picnic
Have a party at the beach just because
Take A to eat more muffins outside at the muffin shop
Run different routes when in MHD
Eat fresh veggies (shop farmers markets)
Make Iced Cubes out of Iced Coffee and actually do it!
Make new recipes
Swim for cross training once a week
Go Berry picking
Go to the beach
Read a few new to me books
Brush Up On my Spanish and Italian!

What are your 2015 goals, bucket list, fun list?

This weekend, I wasn’t traveling so I got to just enjoy! I got to see the kiddos, babysit, do a road race, lay by the pool, transition my summer/ winter clothing, prep the house, clean the fish ( did I tell you we got a fish ha), drink my heavenly iced coffee, enjoy a BBQ, head to church, do laundry, and relax!

Typically we BBQ on the big green egg have you ever heard of or own one of theses? We seriously LOVE ours! You can cook, bake, make anything on it. We typically use it and then eat outside, but the weather was a little chilly on Friday night so we ate inside, but brought the summer BBQ fun indoors! Saturday am we woke up bright and early and we went here for coffee and muffins. If you love iced coffee you need to make the trip, it’s just amazing. Then we were off to  the pool…

Luckily my mom is super NiNi and legit stayed in the pool for over 2 hours with the little fish. And T man made his first pool swim. He loved it, and the baby pool was freezing! So I was shocked! A and J also jumped off the high diving board over 10 times each, it was amazing to watch them face their fears, and love it! So proud of them for doing things that scare them!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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