Happy Birthday A

Happy Happy Birthday Miss A

You have turned 6 today and I can not believe it. You are no longer a baby, or even a toddler, but a little girl, a big girl even! You make me so proud of everything you do, from the way you read to the way you hold T man to the way to teach little J, you are amazing! You steal my heart every moment of every day, and you test our limits with yous tenacity and fighting strength for what you believe in! When I watch all you have done, and look at the future, I know you will do amazing things, it makes me what to freeze time to keep you as a little girl forever!
Things you love this year have been
Skiing ( you came off your racer chaser)
Singing ( and me not singing)
Jokes ( you love to tell them!)
Painting at night
Reading and Spelling
Swimming at the Y
Running with your friends
Grilled Cheese ( now the crusts can stay on)
Chocolate Munchkins
You can speak on the phone ( and use the phone better then me)
You love sparkles and Jewelry
You love your brother’s and everyone
You are caring and kind
You have started to love dogs ( and petting them)
You have no fear of heights and climb the highest slides at the park
You love ordering dessert with PK ( he always gets the best ones)
You love weird cheeses, onions, and ketchup on EVERYTHING
You love everyone and never see our flaws
You love god and church on Sunday’s
You have a way to spread your love even on dark moments
You love flowers and gardening with Ninnie

Have the best Birthday Miss A
You have taught me to love unconditionally, smile at every moments, and laugh at life!
I love you beyond the moon and stars and heaven!

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