Things I am Loving!

Happy Thursday!
I am so motivated by people who “do it all” and “follow their passion” but it’s scary and hard to do that! More on me following my dream’s later, but if you are in the process, it’s scary trust me, but trust in the plan, and surround yourself with people who believe in you. And know it’s okay to CRY, and I mean those ugly, big bawling tears, they are okay I promise.
Today I was back in the gym bright and early and rocking my favorite T “More then just a pretty Pace”.
April 23 BThen I was off to a meeting at the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston! Have you been? No matter your political sides it’s great, and so much fun. It’s interactive and historical, and really brings learning to life. It’s free for marathon runners through Sunday as well!
April 23 AAlso in world breaking news I turn the BIG 3-0 this year. Crazy I know. My dad reminded me today I will always be his little girl, and I almost cried again ha. Oh how I love birthday’s but some years they are tough huh?!?! So in celebration I am doing this 5 mile race Sunday ( my actual Birthday) so if you live around here come join the party!
April 23 CIn other news around the world and how each of us is special and unique have you seen this video? These children were blindfolded and found their mom’s by using their own senses other then their eyes, it’s amazing. Don’t compare yourself too much to others we are all special, unique and different.

We forget how special we are when we keep trying to “measure up” and compare ourselves to others. Of course this made me cry too! Also kids and their parents, and what they do for each other. This dad ran the Boston Marathon and lead the pack for the first mile and a half just so his Kids could see him on TV. So amazing!
April 23 D…because even though the announcers didn’t know the name of the guy leading the race after the first mile, two little girls back home in Texas did. Coolest dad ever in my mind!
Also if you want to read about the top 15 Marathon’s check out this Bucket List of them!

On a completely different note I often hear people ask, but how do I get a Six Pack, or I stopped drinking why don’t I look like a magazine cover? Read this article here on the REAL COSTS of getting lean.
April 23 F
It’s a pretty great read on the real things you need to give up, the more sleep you need, and the real possible results for each level. Check it out and let me know your goals.
Also my favorite people are having a sale on their new collection! April 23-26, all styles in our seamless collection are 20% off with free shipping. Use code DREAMSEAM at checkout.
April 23 H
How is your week going?
Are you a museum person?
Favorite athletic brand?
Are you a big fan of crying or hate it?

2 thoughts on “Things I am Loving!

  1. omg that is the craziest, but sweetest dad in the world! And, turning 30 isn’t so bad…. at least not yet, anyway 😉 Can’t wait to see what you’ve got going on in terms of following your passion- I admire people who do that!

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