Happy Happy Birthday J!

Happiest of Birthday’s to you today J!
Jack first picture
I can not believe you are 4 years old today!
CaCa and Jackie
I could not be more proud of the little man and big brother you have become!

You have filled every moment of everyday with so much love and happiness J. You make me slow down, speed up, laugh, cry, and smile my way through everyday!

Life was forever changed for the better when you entered our lives. You challenge us, and make us smile everyday, and I am blessed to have you in my life and make me the best CaCa I can be.
Things you love are:
Fire Men/ Fire Trucks
Swimming ( you do it without a bubble!)
Skiing ( you hate turning- your a machine!)
You hate vegetables- corn/ peppers/ string beans!
Things you don’t like are SPICY Seltzer water, veggies, ect.
You love to sing, and dance around! ( Here comes Peter Cotton Tail…)
Being a big brother to T is amazing to watch
The Jokes you tell, and the faces you make, kill me with laughter
You want to do EVERYTHING A does!
You want bunk beds oh so badly!
One day you hate chocolate sauce the next you love it!
When your tired at night it’s a GUARANTEE you will walk into something and end in a bag of tear
You love to snuggle, it melts my heart
You can retell stories and talk on the phone

You run like the wind! And love the Beach!
I hope you get everything and more this year as you turn 4!
Jack's b day

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