Tread Tabata Thursday!

Hello Spring!
Well it’s not -20, and it’s not snowing, so that’s Spring in Boston for me. And today after teaching I didn’t even need pants ( although it looks like I am short-less as well, I have short on I promise).
March 26 h
Also in case you need a little reminder to get you through today and Friday before the weekend… Attitude is EVERYTHING
March 26 f
Rebook Fitness has a new line out called Rally and this tank top is part of it. This one is the Own Spark 2.0 Tank Top.
If you have not checked out the Women’s Stuff on Rebook, I would highly suggest it, they have some great, fun, and functional stuff! This tank top has a fun color, fun back, and is super functional from Box Jumps, Push Up’s and Treadmill Miles.
March 26 gSpeaking of Treadmill miles…It’s Thursday so here is today’s Tread Tabata workout for you, remember it 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, 8 rounds, alternating between rounds of the floor to rounds on the treadmill.
3, 5, 7-9 ( after the first 4 rounds- increase the incline),2
1. Squat to Cleans Single Arm kettle Bells
2. V Crunch Position press up with kettle bell (hand face in, to hand facing out)
3. Triceps Extension
4. Super Man—into—pushup
1. Jump Lunge to a squat
2. Squat Hold with Kettle Bell
3. Make a square with squat jumps, squat on each corner
4. Squat Pulse with Kettle Bell
1. Plank Climber to Push Up
2. Squat to Mulls
3. Squat, Long Jump, Turn around, Squat, Long Jump
4. Squat Thrusters
1. Sit up and Press with Kettlebell
2. Russian Twist with Kettle Bell
3. Side Plank ( Switch Sides after one round) with Kettle Bell if you can
4. Plank Pulses
Now go recover with a CorePower…clearly I’m excitied about the vending machine in the gym!
March 26 e
Also a fun Thursday tip if you live in Boston and are looking for a fun girls night, date night, or just love s’mores…check out Aragosta Bar and Bistro. The fire pits are open all winter, and they give you blankets so you stay warm, and they have heat lamps, in the summer it’s on the water and just stunning! We went last night, and had a blast! The food from flat-breads to salad’s to soups is amazing! It started to rain, so the waiter made our s’mores for us, but they were still amazing ( we moved inside to eat when the rain came).

Do you like s’mores?
Are you ready for running in shorts?
What is a fun weekend plan you have?
What’s your favorite Cardio exercise?

Any good books your reading? I just started the Portrait of my Father and really like the story line of the family.

4 thoughts on “Tread Tabata Thursday!

  1. That tank is so cute! I’m trying to get away from just wearing lulu and Reebok always has super cute stuff! I went for a 4 mile run outside today and loved that I came back dripping with sweat 🙂

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