New Year, New Goals!

Happy 2015!
2014 was a year of some great highs, and some lows, I am ready for more highs this year and more great tales to tell. 1st of which is baby P is arriving on Tuesday and I can’t wait to meet him or her, you are already very loved little one. Secondly it is Miss Fantastic 30th this weekend in NYC so I can’t wait to celebrate her. Thirdly my new goals for the year are Drink More Water Be in the Moment Smile Everyday Be grateful everyday Do more unexpected things Take more risks Get new Fitness Certifications Pray More Eat More Veggies Volunteer More Host more House Parties Try More Things That Scare Me Run More Miles Travel More Love More Freely Read More here are some more phrases I also want to add into my 2015 goals.

2015 I'm Ready for You

2015 I’m Ready for You

How was your New Years and Start to 2015, what are your goals? We went skiing here and it was awesome, cold but such fun! i absolutely love skiing, and apres skiing! So it was the perfect weekend with friends, wine, and fun!

In starting with new traditions, I should show you my new location of residence and the views I get to run by! Yea really who wouldn’t love a run like this. I recently moved here and am pretty excitied about all I can explore, do and learn on this new adventure! I love it so far, but my dad likes to remind me I live where this took place, oh dad’s and their daughters!

New Running Route Views

New Running Route Views

….and of course after a good run you need some good fuel right? Well I found out via Social Media Friends that this place has a pop up doughnut shop on Sunday’s 9-12 in Salem MA. so yes go next Sunday it’s a MUST!

very Sunday from 9am – 12pm 62′s manager/awesome pastry chef, Erin, will be putting her donut making skills to work. Eat in or take a box to go!

Every Sunday from 9am – 12pm 62′s manager/awesome pastry chef, Erin, will be putting her donut making skills to work. Eat in or take a box to go!

On Saturday night I got to see this movie with a dear friend and it was so fun catching up, she is one of those amazing people that you just feel so lucky to be in her presence. She has dealt with some shit this year and has never let it get her down, she is one of the strongest, most beautiful woman I know, and I just feel really lucky to have her as a friend. I also think 2015 is gonna be her year, and can’t wait to see what it has in store!

I also got to spend some time with my favorite people, my family these past few weeks and I LOVED it. I love my family, we do lots and lots together, but something about the holiday’s and being together is just that much more special.

She's getting so Big

She’s getting so Big

These two

These two

This weekend we also ate here and here and I loved both places, vibe, food, and of course company! At the Bostonia I got some Meat Balls, A Cheese Plate and a Beet Salad and all were amazing, they also have Wine On Tap! 2015 I want to try new restaurants any recommendations?

What are your 2015 goals? How was your New Year’s and Holiday? Are you excitied to start a new week?

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals!

  1. great goals, Cara! And it looks like you’ve been busy with all sorts of fun, new stuff- Jessi Eiras lives in Charlestown, too- the Navy Yard. Not sure if that’s near you or not, but it’s an awesome city!

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