Weekend Round up Tuesday Style

Sorry for the delay in my weekend round up, but it was BUSY, and relaxing, all at the same time. I have the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend ( no you didn’t miss all my training, I am very under trained, but oh well!) A marathon is 90% mental anyways.
I did do the Vermont 100 on 100 Relay, Reach the Beach Relay, and the Spartan Beast, so I have a few 18-20 miles under my belt just not done in one run time frame, but her is to being mentally tough!

Lovely Fall Run!

Lovely Fall Run!

My first ish and last long run before the Marathon was completed today. It was so nice out, but it is dark at 5:45. It didn’t get light until the very end of our run, I hate daylight savings because it makes the darkness come so early in the afternoon, but at least it will bring some light to our am runs. Another thing I love about FALL/ WINTER is Polar Beverages new flavors!

Winter Flavors are in.

Winter Flavors are in.

This weekend started off low key and perfect with a trip to the Farmers Market. I actually didn’t buy anything, but did enjoy just walking around and taking everything in.

Saturday  I got to visit three of the most adorable triplet around! Seriously how stinky cute are they! And they seriously did not cry at all when we were there. There parents are super hero’s in case you were wondering!



I also splurged on some “treats” this weekend and enjoyed a few pumpkin munchkins. I try and avoid Gluten when I can, but sometimes you just need to enjoy and indulge so I did, and no regrets gobbling down these babies. I also splurged on fall boots for myself.

and drum roll please….THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH was in Boston this weekend so of course we took A and J too it. Have you been to the circus lately? We go every year, and it is 110% more acrobatics’s and a show then animals, and clowns.

So if you have not been to the circus in years I suggest going, even if you don’t have little ones or little ones around you, it’s still an amazing show! Just pack your own snacks, one bag of cotton candy was $14 that’s insanity to me!!!!

Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Saturday night was Movie night at HERE and a little pre shopping before seeing Gone Girl. Did you read the book? Yup movie is just as twisted! The theater is one of those ones with recline chair’s, so we wondered wines, grabbed some candy and headed in, and by the way the movie is almost 3 hours, ha so don’t expect to hop in and out, but I did like it, just twisted ( like the book) and a little more graphic then my imagination was reading the book.
Last night when I got home I came home to this! AKA the best Monday night ever!

a fire, it was frezzing! and my Foodie Pen Pal gift! To learn more about Foodie Pen Pall’s Check it out HERE. You get matched up with an “internet/ blog” friend and can send each other foodie care packages! I mentioned I liked Gluten Free snacks, and my foodie pen pal got me the best stuff- thank you so much! I will be enjoying all week! And last night I took a strength class ( arms were on fire) and had a personal training client, so it was a perfect Monday. Anyone else do better the busier you are?

Oh hey you don't look possessed at all!

Oh hey you don’t look possessed at all!

And the best part of my whole weekend was seeing this sunrise! I absolutely love sunrises! What are you looking forward to this week? I am excitied about:
Date Night with Little J
Tread Tabata Class
Personal Training Client
A lunch date with a previous coworker
Flying to DC for the Marine Corps Marathon
….Hopefully sneaking in some rest as well!

What are you looking forward to this week? How are you staying positive, healthy and happy?

Oh Sunrises you get me every time...

Oh Sunrises you get me every time…


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