Happy July….

July has been full of happiness for us…
……………………right there jumping for joy everyday!

When I haven’t been bouncing around on mountains I have been enjoying time with these people, places, and exploring!

Things I have been doing and loving:
Fire Island
Night Shift Brewery
Boat Rides
These Topo Sneaks!
Amazing Food
These Smiling Faces!

and a workout move I have been loving to hate…it gets the heart/ legs/ and blood flowing! Test it out🙂

Feeling Blessed and Loved

Hello Monday!
Yesterday was Father’s Day, I was traveling back from Dallas and wasn’t sure what part of my dad, brother in law your brothers day I would get to be part of..luckily I was there for a great evening, and lots of giggles!

My dad is hands down on amazing man. He raised 4 kids with my mom, took us as his priority, and raised us to be fiercely independent, always ready to lend a hand, and that honesty is not just important but mandatory. He loves his grand kidos with the same love he gave us kids, and watching him interact with them, love them and teach them, makes me feel so blessed and lucky to have him.

We got some hammock swinging in, some cake (we eat cake at every holiday, multiply ones most days!) pizza, tubs, and great grandmother loving on Sunday night. It’s crazy how much the boys are starting to look like twins (they are cousins and 8 plus months apart). A is super proud of her cake, she “ate” the whole thing🙂
This am the little man and I went for  nice Monday morning run, it is so much cooler by my parents by the water, and especially back up north versus the texas heat last week. I could run, and breath, and push the stroller, it was a winning Monday morning in my book. I have also been loving this jam all week…so good!
How is your Monday going?
Any fun week plans?
I’m in the office today, and later grabbing coffee with a friend, then off to teach, and tomorrow is my busy teaching day so hopefully have a few moments today to write up some new workouts. Any workout moves you are loving lately? I would love new idea’s or suggestions.

Happy Monday,