Thursday Fun Day

Happy Thursday and 4th of July Weekend!
I love holiday’s and a reason to cook some themed food…why not celebrate right!
I will be making this cake, Going on a long training run for this marathon, Drinking lots of this white wine, and reading more of this book.
Tread TabataSeriously, these guys kicked butt! Today’s workout had walking lunges with no rest into weighted squat holds, hammer curls, bicep curls, tricep planks, push ups with knee taps to get those lower abs, mountain climbers, single leg deadlifts, single leg bridges, quad crunchs, flutter kicks, sprints, hills, and more- they are my hero’s for rocking through this beat down! Since they crushed today’s workout I was motivated to get on my goals too!

My goal for the summer is 10, full body, no assistance, good form pull ups..9 down 1 to go, progress no mater how small or slow is progress people πŸ™‚ Keep setting those goals and crushing them. Another thing that is making my heart so happy is my sister and her baby. Pirate P is due in September…and I seriously can’t wait.
KatyMy sister looks amazing for being very prego this summer, and she is a rock star, the other day she had her own baby on board, A, J, and T all on the boat, BY HERSELF! Lady is a super hero I swear. Last night she sent me a video of the little man/ little princess (it’s a surprise!) kicking like a rockstar, it was so cool to see, I can’t wait to meet the little bundle!

I wouldn’t mind enjoying ALL of these treats this weekend!

Happiest of holiday’s to your and your family! How do you celebrate?

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